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I've been bad about updating! Whoops!

Stuff going on, though. The Spring semester has started and I've been having trouble focusing on my classwork. Lots to do, despite only having two classes. Trying to manage my time a little better, as well, as that's a big part of the problem. We have lots of videos to watch for one class and lots of reading material in the other. Finding time for both AND work, life, home, has been hard.

We were without water for a few days there, a pipe burst in the basement and the plumber just decided to take his good old time getting here. It's fixed now, so that's good.

It was also 60F about two days ago! Now, it's 16F and feels like -1F. Lame. I can't wait for spring. But it's on the horizon. It looks like 30's and 40's will be the norm pretty soon here, which I'm thankful for.

We reserved our room for Anthrocon this year! On the ball with that, considering reservations opened at 11AM today and our second choice hotel sold out within the hour (our first choice was told out within the first minute, sadly). But we're staying in the Westin, which will be pretty nice. We haven't stayed there in a few years (we've stayed in every hotel so far except the newly added Hampton and Marriot City Center) and it'll be really nice not to have to drag my art stuff down the sidewalks and walk back and forth to the Omni like I did for the last two years. I love, love, love the Omni, however, but it's a trek for myself, who does Artist's Alley, and the boy, who fursuits.

This year, we're not planning on rooming with anyone. I worry this might end up being something that upsets people, but it's something Tony and I have wanted to do for a long time and something we can afford to do in the summer. Plus, we plan on doing sightseeing stuff, as well. We're staying from the 4th to the 6th, checking out on Sunday morning. We don't know what we'll be doing on Sunday, wether we're going to hang out at the convention center or go do something else, like take a trip to the zoo or something. Not sure yet. It's still six months away anyhow, which is forever.

When my tax money hits, we'll pre-register, then I can sign up for the Artist's Alley lottery and actually be able to plan my weekend around that instead of hoping I can get into the AA and wasting my time waiting to find out.

So, I'm looking forward to it and seeing friends, even if it is lol dumb furry convention.

I received my Hujoo Freya about a week ago! I love her a whole lot wow.

Her name is Desma and she doesn't have a lot of clothes yet. I bought stuff to do her faceup, but I still need to buy a respirator. Until I do, she's just nude-faced. She's a perfect size, though, and I worry about the size of the 5StarDoll Tumnus I want is going to be a lot bigger (he's 63cm and she's only 23cm, big difference!). I don't know if I'm ready for that kind of commitment! But a girl I work with, Smote, is thinking about holding a Kent BJD Meetup in the spring, so I guess I can get a better visual for the size of a larger doll then!

I've been spamming photos of her on my main blog and on my sideblog that I'll probably use for doll ramblings.

I recently bought a SMASH Book, which is basically like a scrapbook, but with no rules. Not that scrapbooks have rules, but they tend to be a bit more planned when doing pages and stuff. SMASH Books are kind of like a journal you carry and you shove ticket stubs and interesting things into. They come with a pen that has a glue stick on one end, so you can basically use it anywhere. It's really pretty fun and I like it a lot. I've seen a lot of people take it on vacation and put all sorts of neat things in it. I've been filling it up so far with pictures of friends and convention keycards and photos of the cats. There's also differently themed books and lots of neat accessories. I've been making my own stuff, too, little pockets and things like that.

I'm also doing A Month of Letters this year! I heard about it a week or so ago from a friend on Facebook and I thought it was a great idea. All you do is send out 23 letters (that's the month of February minus holidays and Sundays) to anyone. Friends, family, strangers. I joined up on the LetterMo forums and exchanged my address with other people because I wanted to write to strangers and send out cute little photos and stuff.

If you'd like me to write you, add your address to my Postable! I'm going to put my first two letters in the mailbox tonight (since my mailman comes before I get up)!

All I want to do is read blurbs and send people letters or little trinkets based off the stuff they write about themselves.

You can also keep track of what you've mailed and if you sent something internationally or sent a package and there's cute achievements/challenges you can do for fun.

Now, I'm going to take a hot bath and wash my hair. Then, try to do my Media, Power, and Culture homework tonight so that I can focus on my English work tomorrow and Sunday.
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[ junkyspot.com hujoo freya ]

Over the last couple months, I've been researching and reading up on ball joint dolls (BJDs) because I really want to purchase Tumnus from 5StarDoll and make my angel character, Sahariel. It's a lot to spend on a doll, admittedly, so I'd been procrastinating and just taking my time learning about modding dolls and doing faceups and all that jazz.

Well, near the end of last year, I was looking at anthro dolls and came across Hujoo's Freya. At only $50, she was remarkable inexpensive for a BJD (her being vinyl instead of resin probably has something to do with that, as well). I was going to purchase both colors (originally dark grey and white) at the beginning of the year, when I got my refund money, but they sold out.

I assumed I wouldn't get the chance to get one, let alone two, because I figured they wouldn't be doing any more orders. I forgot about it and went about my business.

Yesterday night, Tony sent me a link for a review of the doll, asking me if that was the one I'd wanted a few months ago. I told him it was, and then he asked me what color eyes I wanted with her and what color I wanted and lskdhgfslkgdhsf she shipped today and I can't want to get her.

He bought me the light gray one (which is pictured above) and, I was going to do Poe (since Tony suggested it'd be easier to add the white in her markings instead of coloring over all the white with her other colors), so I had him get silver/gray eyes for her. Well, now my mom said she's going to try to get the white one for me for my birthday.

Originally, I'd intended to get the black one and make Des (or, Desma, as I've been calling her lately) and the white one would be Poe (since she has white markings). So I don't know if I should just play around with the black one until I'm sure I'll have the white one in my hands and can buy the parts I need (Des has green eyes, for example).

ldkfhglkdhgd tough decisions.

It's also been tough to find wigs I like. Especially for Poe. Des would look fine with a fur wig, but I don't think Poe would at all. And, oh gosh, clothing is so expensive. I might have to learn to set tiny doll clothes or something if I can't find other clothing to fit them. I guess some Bratz clothes will fit them (they're 24cm/9.5in tall). Maybe I'll just have to experiment.

Aaah, but I can't wait for her to get here and play around with her!!

For the fiance for Valentine's, I got him this stupid space locust that's his ~space boyfriend~.

[ Moe Moe Garrus Chan Body Pillow Cover ]

I'm going to glare at it profusely when it arrives.
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I was a featured artist on DeviantART's #AnthroCommunity group this month! I got a note about it roughly a week ago asking if I'd like to answer some questions about my art and stuff and if I wanted to be featured and, naturally, a chance to talk about myself? Hell yeah, I'm going to take it.
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Since Monday, I've been sick. Tony and I caught that mutant flu that's going around and we've bascially been bedridden for the last couple of days. Tony moreso, as he was also ill over the weekend. Tuesday was the worst, though. We both had the chills and horrible coughs that made us throw up. We just stayed in bed all day and seemed to sleep in three to four hour increments. It felt like the longest day ever. Wednesday wasn't much better, either. I'm feeling marginally better today, but I decided to stay home from work because I still can't be upright for too long without getting dizzy and lightheaded and I'm still coughing awfully bad. I don't want to pass this on to anyone else and we've just been staying inside since we got sick. Angie brought us flu meds Tuesday night, which was great, as well. We had NyQuil, but it was barely putting a dent in anything.

I ventured out across the street yesterday to get a mailer so I could return a rental book to Amazon. I just hope it being postmarked on the due date isn't going to cause an issue... But that's the most productive I've been. I'vebeen trying to get some things done that don't require manual effot today, but that's proving to be difficult. I upped the phone with minutes, but now I can't seem to find where I put it so that I can charge it. I wanted to call the landlord once my voice comes back (hopefully tomorrow) and let him know that I have all that we owe, plus this month and next month for rent. I don't want him to think we've been avoiding him, because I did let him know we'd have the money about now.

I have to stop at the Financial Aid office tomorrow (hopefully) and see why the rest of my Pell Grant didn't disburse. I should still be getting another $649, I just don't think it re-calculated after I dropped down to three credit hours and then we back up to six right before the beginning of the month. It's probably just something that needs to be pushed through manually, which is no big deal, but I know I should be getting the rest of that, because I have for the last couple semesters.

I don't know what my schedule is for VCD next week, when the semester stars. I wish I did because I can be working at the bookstore if the resource room isn't going to be open yet. I'll probably also wait to schedule my library hours for a week or two, so I'm not bombarded with three jobs and my work study money will last until the end of the semester.

Apparently, I'm able to file taxes this early, but I can't because I haven't gotten my W2 or my 1098 forms from school and the bookstore. Sigh. But at least I've got everything set up to just punch in the numbers and send it off once I receive them.

Other than being sickly and gross, things have been alright around the house. I didn't work over the break, which wasn't too bad because it was nice to have the laze around time. But I will be happy to be back to work and keping myself busy again. I'm also really happy at the unseasonably warm weather we're having and I hope this cold is finally coming to an end so I can enjoy it a little but (even though I'll be working all day).

We acquired two new ratties, adopted from Kieran, who I work at the library with. Two pretty girls named Frankie (champagne) and Teddy (agouti). They're so very sweet and curious. Teddy has a bit of labored breathing, so we're going to try treating them with tetracycline in their water to see if it helps, otherwise Kieran said they'd pay for a vet visit for her (they were going to take the girls before we took them, but things didn't line up). I'll probably offer to go halfsies on the bill, really. But I doubt it's going to be anything more than a perscription of baytril.

Classes ended well. I got an A and an A-, which was pretty awesome. For the spring semester, I'm taking 'Media, Power, and Culture' and 'Literature in the United States II'. I figure, if I do declare VCD, I'll need the former anyhow. I'm hoping, come summer, I can take an on campus class or two. I just wish the syllabi were up so I could start mapping out my calendar.

At the New Year, I silently decided I'd start drawing a bit more and decided to start using stock photos and stuff for refs, so I could do loose sketches and all. I've always found sketching over poses helps me understand where things lay better and, with many stock photographers, they allow you to use their poses for free range drawing reference - meaning that, if you do something you're really proud of, you can see prints and such with only credit (since it's not commercial printing, essentially). I was doing good, until the cold came around. Maybe I'll try to catch up, maybe I'll just start where I left off. Who knows.

[ Max in N7 Armor, Sitara wearing on of Wess' shirts, Magdalena, and Wesson/Sitara ]

[ flats on the Wesson/Sitara sketch. she be ded. ]

[ connecting art card commission ]

Other miscellaney...

Holy cow, the new Pokemon starters for X and Y are pretty cute. I'm really in love with the Fennekin, though, but that's to be expected because I love the fire starters.

Also wow gosh announcements of a baby for Jensen and Danneel and then Supernatural winning best Sci-Fi/Fantasy AND best fanbase at the People's Choice Awards? Pretty cool, that. Not that I'm a huge fan of babies, because I don't want any of my own and they make me awkward to be around, I've still loved seeing every update and picture about Jared and Genevieve's baby, Thomas. I think I just love seeing how enamored they are with their kid and how happy he makes them. It's really cute.

But, I mean, look at these beautiful motherfuckers.

[ images from here ]

Okay, I think I have officially reached the sick rambling point and I'm feeling dizzy and lightheaded again, so I will just...wrap this up here.
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As someone who did not have the influx of social media that teenagers and college students these days do (at least, when I was in my late teens/early twenties - which makes me sound so goddamn old), I have a lot of trouble knowing the etiquette for friending people on places like Facebook. Oh, sure, I'll friend on tumblr without issue (if I like someone's blog) and, sometimes, Instagram. But there's something about just randomly friending people on Facebook that I just don't get. Maybe it's because I'm a bit picky with who's on my newsfeed. Maybe it's because I don't want people to think I've internet stalked them before asking about Facebook.

Spoiler: I have and I do. Extensively.

But I feel like meeting someone you get long with/have things in common with and almost immediately friending them on a social networking site almost...reeks of desperation. Moreso than finding someone local on Facebook and friending them because you think they might be cool or something.

Anyhow, this stems from a girl at work complimenting me on my Supernatural shirt I wore today and then commenting that she saw my Crowley shirt on Monday, but didn't get the chance to say anything. We joked about tumblr a little, but work was pretty busy otherwise and didn't lend much to conversation.

But I still don't know if it's 'okay' to just friend people for shits and giggles. I held off on friending some people from the library because I just was hgdlfkhf about if it was rude or weird or whatever. I've seen people in VCD who I've wanted to talk to/exchange Facebook or tumblr stuff with, but still end up going ldkhldkgh and, instead, trying to catch their name so I can be a weird stalker.

UGH. I don't know if this even makes sense. I was like this back on Myspace, too, for the most part. I held off on friending some folks because I didn't feel I knew them well enough to do so. Instead, I'd stalk their pages.

But other than me being a weird weirdo...

Semester's over for me. Got an A in my computer class. Grades haven't been completed for my writing class yet. I'm thinking it'll be decent, though.

I've been working non-stop since last Friday. Every. Single. Day. Until this Friday, at least. Roughly eight hour days, too. But VCD is done after Thursday and the library needs to see if there's any leftover hours/money for me, since my work study is basically used up right now. Worst case scenario, I'm only working at the bookstore. Which is no big deal. Otherwise, I'll probably get some hours at the library and hours at the bookstore and I'll want do die, but sweet, sweet monies.

I almost didn't make it to work today. Something happened to my phone and, basically, it died, so I missed my normal alarms. I woke up twenty minutes before my shift and had to rile myself awake and get Tony to take me up to campus. I made it there on time though, so it wasn't so bad.

I've been working almost completely by myself in textbooks thus far. Usually I'm doing buybacks, but we've had 4-5 people on the registers, so I've been working on pushing books to the floor and helping out with that. It's been nice, though. I'm constantly moving and it helps the day go by faster. Plus, I don't have to listen to students whine and complain about not getting any money back for their textbooks. Yeah, bro, I know it sucks. We all know it sucks. Bitching to me isn't going to change it. Bitching to our managers isn't going to change it. Take your $20 and GTFO already.

I'm been having some frustration in regards to people dismissing things about me. It's a quiet, simmering sort of frustration, because it's things like 'you're just making excuses' and 'all I'm hearing is you using that as a crutch' and similar things. Not verbatim, but pretty close.

What it boils down to is two things:

I've been insecure in regards to my friends lately. I know that's just me being stupid and dumb and it comes and goes anyhow - like it does for everyone. I know my thoughts there are just ridiculous, but that doesn't mean they're not real and the insecurity I end up getting from them is real, as well. It makes me upset when people completely dismiss my feelings about things because I just need to 'balls up' or 'it's my own fault' for not being more social or something.

The other is that I'm damn near positive I'm mildly dyslexic. It's not a constant issue, not by a long shot, but it's also not something I'm 'making up' or using as a 'crutch'. I very literally have trouble with numbers and reading things properly sometimes. Often, I'll read a sentence or a paragraph and I'll be absolutely sure it said one thing, but when I read it later (or when someone points it out to me), it will say something different. It's not be ignoring something I'm reading and it's not me pretending something's not there. Sometimes that sentence was exactly how I read it. I have more trouble with numbers though, which can sometimes be frustrating at work when I have to shelf read call numbers, shelve books by call numbers, of shelve books by course subjects and numbers. It almost never fails that I end up putting some books back in numbers that are similar to each other in my mind (4's and 5's are bad, so are 2's and 3's, for some reason).

I was told yesterday that I'm 'making excuses' for 'not reading things properly' and that it sounds like I'm trying to use my undiagnosed dyslexia as a 'crutch'. Which is completely not the case. The only time I ever bring it up is jokingly when I've put a book back in the wrong spot (lol numbers) or when I'm having a hard time with it. I'm not always having a hard time with it, but this week in particular has been bad and I've had to really take my time reading numbers and letters for both of my jobs so that I don't put things in the wrong places.

So I was kind of upset about the things that were said to me because I'm totally not trying to use this as a crutch and it's not as if I'm waving it around going I CAN'T DO ANYTHING, CODDLE ME, I MIGHT HAVE A DISEASE or some bullshit like that. It's simply something I think I may possibly have and, regardless of that, it's something that gives me issues - dyslexic or not - and I think it's rude to tell me that I'm making excuses.

I'm trying more to kind of focus my feelings on things that upset me because, more often than not I go into a keysmash rage about things and that doesn't help me really work through the things that legitimately upset me. It's fine for small annoyances, but not for most other things. It's strange and frustrating, because I'm not good at translating my emotions to words, but it's a challenge, as well. I've never been good with talking about how I feel. I usually bottled it all up, cried in the tub, then pretended I was chipper and happy and sunshine and rainbows. I, basically, thought that I couldn't be the one who faltered. I had to be there for everyone else. I know that's too much for me to handle and it's always been to much for me to handle. I never took care of myself because I was taking care of everyone else, essentially.

After today I work two more days. Noon tomorrow, probably until around seven or so. I went home early from the library on Monday because I was tired and needed to get up early for today. But I work from noon to two at VCD tomorrow - I switched shifts with a girl - and then I'm just going to go in early to the library and work my hours that way, so I make up for Monday's lost hour or two. I suppose, since my work study it pretty much up, it's not too big of a deal either way. Then I work at nine in the morning on Friday (all the better reason to get home early Thursday!) until eight in the evening - both bookstore and library. Then I'm off Saturday and I don't know about Sunday. Bookstore schedule will be up tomorrow probably. Hopefully I won't work mornings. I don't mind working evenings, but we're only open until five in the afternoon next week.
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Semester is almost over. I've got an A in my Intro to Computer Technology class and probably, at least, a B in my College Writing II class. Our group project in the latter is due tonight and I have almost everything done for it. After that, I only have an essay re-write to do that's due on Thursday. In my Comp class, I have another assignment to do and then, as long as my grade is over 93% (it's at 96% right now), I get to skip the final!

Picked my classes for next semester. Two English courses. Literature in the United States II and Creative Writing. I'm hoping taking two english classes won't be too much work, but I'm taking both with Tony, so we can lament together. BUT!! Creative Writing is ON CAMPUS, which I'm excited about (and Tony is anxious about). With work study, I have the flexibility now to take an on campus class, if I want, which I'm really happy about because I'm running out of online campuses through the branches to take.

So I'm glad about that. I'm less than glad that I can't get an advance on my financial aid until JANUARY 2nd. I got one last year around this time on the 21st (according to my bursar's account) and the ladies at the bursar office keep telling me they can't do Flashcash until two weeks before the beginning of the semester. Why in the world would I need Flashcash then, refunds start disbursing on the 3rd of January. Flashcash is supposed to be for getting your stuff early (usually, for getting books and things early). I was going to use it to, you know, pay November's rent that hasn't been paid yet because my work study checks are, maybe, $250 for two weeks. On top of that, we had to pay car insurance and something else, which I can't remember. Some other bill that came up that needed priority.

I mean, I'll be working at the bookstore soon, but I know my work study is almost out and I don't know what happens after that. I hate to be that asshole that pulls out of the budget for the library (since my VCD job will be done after finals week), so maybe I just won't work over the break. I guess that wouldn't be so bad, since I could work fulltime at the bookstore then. We'll see, I suppose.

I'll probably be back at the bookstore next week. I have to go and fill out my tax stuff tomorrow.

I think I'm repeating myself a lot here, compared to the previous entry.

I finished Nine's run on Doctor Who last night. I will miss Eccelston, but Tennant is already growing on me and I've only seen him in action for thirty seconds, so that's good. I'm still half and half on Rose. I don't hate her, but I still find it hard to believe that a nine hundred year old alien would fall in love with someone so quickly (what was it, three or four episodes in when someone comments that the Doctor is in love with her?). I can completely believe Rose falling in love with the Doctor that quickly, but Rose is also a nineteen year old girl who flirts with every attractive man that comes by and makes kind of bad life decisions (I'm still a bit miffed about how she treated Mickey, really).

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances was GREAT. I loved Nancy and, while it takes a lot to scare me and I wasn't scared by the gas mask victims, there was still a level of eerie and creepy to the whole situation. Also! JACK. I do love Jack. I think it's hard not to, really. 

I'm not sure how I feel about the whole Bad Wolf thing. It was a little deus ex machina, but at least it finally solved all the Bad Wolf references popping up. I'm kind of more interested in why the words 'bad wolf' were used.

The Dalek's are completely not even a little scary to me. They are pretty fabulous assholes, though, so I'll give them that. But whenever anyone gets really terrified of them in the show (with good reason, though, they do have death lasers), I have a hard time believing it.

Father's Day damn near wrecked me and i don't know why. I thought it was a really good episode.

So, overall, I'm enjoying the series. I am ready for a new companion, however, and I'm worried that when I get to the Pond's, as pretty as Karen Gillian is, I'll get tired of them quickly, too.
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I've been meaning to write a post for a few days now, but I've also been in an apathetic lull of sleeping and sleeping and sleeping. It's been pretty cool. /sarcasm

I had almost a week off for Thanksgiving break, which was nice, but it flip-flopped my sleeping schedule all around. I was going to bed at 7AM and waking up at, like, 6PM. When the sun goes down at 4:30 in the afternoon, doing that really makes you feel like you've wasted the day. But it's almost the end of the semester, so I guess it's not too big of a deal.

Thanksgiving was nice, made turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and I bought a pumpkin pie, but it was really sweet and I should really just learn to make one from scratch. I already brine the turkey and have a certain way I prepare it, why the hell shouldn't I do a pie, too? The turkey was quite tasty, though, and pretty much fell off the bone when I cut it, which was doubly nice because then I didn't have to put a ton of effort into seperating the tasty meats from the rest of the bird. We have plent of leftovers, so we'll probably end up making soup or something with the remainder. The cats and rats got some scraps, too, which they were all esctatic about.

The bookstore contacted me at the beginning of the week and once I figure out my schedule for my other two jobs, I'll be back there for the end/beginning of the semester, which is nice. I'm still hoping I'll get hired in. Even working part time there and my two work study jobs wouldn't be too bad. I'd have 30-40 hours a week and steady jobs that would work around each other and my school schedule. But even if I don't, I still like working there for the rushes, so I definitely can't complain.

I think I'm coming up on my work study limit and I don't know what happens when I do? I have to ask someone next time I see my supervisor for either job. There's only two weeks left in the semester, so I don't know if it's even going to be a big deal. My VCD job won't be necessary until the semester starts again, since it's a customer service kind of job and if there aren't students needing to use the resource room, there's no need for it to be open, I assume. I might not be able to work over the break at the library, which is really the worst case scenario, but both jobs pick back up in the Spring and I'll be at the bookstore in the meantime. So not a huge deal, but it'd be nice to have both sources of income, since the paydays are opposite each other and I would get paid every week.

I'm a month behind on rent and I'm trying not to freak out about it. I need to take something from this paycheck and put it towards what I owe. I'm going to be behind all month, but when we can get out advance on our financial aid, we can pay nearly all of it up in December. So it's just a matter of not freaking out about it and being clear on when I'll be able to have the money to the landlord.

I've been making myself draw more. It's mostly been just little headshot doodles, but it's better than nothing.

Terrance & Emily, Phoenix & Gwen, Samil, Tegan, Tegan

The other day, in the resource room, I had my sketchbook out because I was inking some of the headshots and I had two different people - a VCD student and a VCD instructor - compliment my work and ask if I was a Fine Arts or VCD student and then wonder why I wasn't (financial reasons, obviously). The instructor said I should definitely go for one of the two programs and that I had talent. So that's kind of been motivation and encouraging, at least. It's different when complete strangers comment positively on your artwork, I think. Regardless, it's making me re-think doing VCD and I might prod at Tom, the computer guy for VCD, and see just how big of a deal having a Mac is for someone who actually knows computers. Because I can get a Windows laptop with the exact same specifications that are required for the Macbooks for around $600 (and I would have to buy a new laptop regardless, as mine just isn't up to speed).

NaNoWriMo finished yesterday and, while, I didn't win, I'm happy with what I've started. I want to keep writing more of Tegan's Story because, well, it's not connected to anything else. It's all mine. I can do whatever I want with it. I can world build however I like and I can create something new and interesting (hopefully) and have it all be mine.

I love co-operative storytelling, I do. I've been doing it for years and years with friends and it's so much fun. But sometimes you just need a little something that's your own, you know? I don't mind input on stuff, either, but it's nice to not have to weigh in other people's character's into the equation. That can get really messy and confusing sometimes, which is what's going on with my other NaNo story, Team Free Will. It's definitely a fun challenge to get someone else's character right, though!

So, while I didn't win NaNo, I'm happy to have started on something I'm enjoying writing and want to continue writing!

I have a group project due on the 4th. I haven't even read my story for the essay I have to write. I'm just not sure exactly what I'm writing about and every time I read the assignment paper I blank out and I'm just ready for the semester to be over. Not because I've disliked my classes, but because I'm just ready for a month of no classwork and no discussion boards and no essays, really.

Now, here's some Instagram spam!

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Internet is off at the house, it was a bill I couldn't afford to put money on, unfortunately. No open wifi nearby, either! Which is always still a shock to me, considering it's a college town. There's usually SOME kind of open wireless nearby. Wouldn't suck as much if it didn't get cut off RIGHT BEFORE THE HOLIDAY when I have, like, four days off in a row and all. I'll still have to trek up to campus to do my classwork, or maybe down to Tree City or the library on Friday, I guess.

I'm kind of pissed because I got an email from my computer instructor that I only did half my assignment last week, because I guess I misread what needed to be done, and now my perfect 100% in the class is knocked down because I got a 50/100 on last week's assignment, which is basically an F. I don't know if I should do a song and dance and see if he'll let me turn in the rest of the assignment or what. I'm so mad about my 100% being fucked that I don't even want to bother with it, but if I do ask, there's at least a slim chance I could have that grade back again.

Another thing i'm slightly worried about is that we have group projects going on in writing right now and I hope we don't have any chatroom meetings about it. 

I don't know, I'm ready for the semester to be over. Not because my classes have been difficult, not at all. But the sooner the semester is over, the sooner our financial aid refunds come and the sooner I can pay up all my bills at once. It's almost more frustrating to be having a paycheck, but still not have enough to pay everything that needs to be payed. Hopefully, though, Tony can get in somewhere on campus with his work study in the spring and then we'll BOTH have paychecks coming in AND almost all of our bills paid up ahead of time. Here's hoping, at least.

I'm at the laundromat right now, because I was down to the bottom of my undies drawer and all that's there is ill-fitting underwear and thongs. Neither of which I'm a fan of, especially when I'm on my period. But I like doing laundry, actually. I like doing laundry more with someone else (see: Angie), but it's not so bad. I get to people watch, I get to dick around on the internet a bit, and I get clean, warm clothes to take home.

I've been trying to get some commissions. Nothing bit, just art cards and shit. I've mostly just been wanting to doodle, but I don't feel like doing requests or trades right now. It seems like, no matter where I post commission offers, no one's interested. But my output hasn't been great lately and I do still have one outstanding commission. The pattern work on the dress of the character is stumping me, I don't know if I should break down and try to make a brush/pattern, or if I should try to draw it by hand. I just don't want to fuck it up, really. I feel like a butts, but I don't want to do a half-assed job, is all.

I'm way behind on NaNo, around 10k words. I guess I could use this time to work on it, but I dunno. It seems like when I don't have the interbutts, all my motivation is gone. All I want to do is lay around and complain. It's pretty stupid. I'll get around to kicking myself in the ass, though, I always do. Chances are, I'll probably also end up cleaning the house or something, as well, which isn't a bad thing because I have to cook for Thanksgiving and the kitchen is a NIGHTMARE.


I'm a little grumpy at friends, but it's likely because I'm on the rag and moody and stupid. At least, that's what I'm going to tell myself because I hate being mad at people I like and I hate making assumptions and I hate thinking negatively of people. But at the same time, I wonder if maybe I am in the right thinking the way I do sometimes and I'm just pushing that all aside because I want everyone to be one big, stupid, happy family. I know it's not going to happen, but it's what I want.

I guess I could spend all this newfound free time watching all the old movies I've downloaded. Lots of fantasy stuff I've been wanting to re-watch.

I'm just full of the grumps today over stupid little things and I yelled at Tony this afternoon because I was in the midst of yelling about other things and I still feel bad about it.
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Holy crap, tonight was way uncomfortable at game night.

See, a few friends and I get together for a small gaming group most Saturdays on campus. It's just a couple people, usually not more than four or five. We play board games and card games and generally bitch and bullshit with each other. We week or two ago, Jevin, who started the meetup, asked if we'd mind him posting on the Kent Area Furs list to see if anyone might be interested. We know a guy on the KAF list who is pretty cool, so we figured 'why not'?

So, this week, a kid from the KAF list shows up. Okay, no big deal.

He's wearing a tail and a baseball cap with ears glued on it. Okay, no big deal.

He's LOUD. Unnecessarily loud. But...okay, that can be dealt with. No big deal.

Jevin and I were watching some rap battles thing on youtube when he comes in and it had Freddie Mercury and he goes DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PLAY [insert Queen song here] BACKWARDS?? and he queues it up on his phone and it's not even interesting. Jevin and I nod, realizing that this is only going to go downhill fast.

So it's Jevin, myself, and the new kid. I suggest heading out to the lobby (we were in the room Jevin does his classwork at in MSB), which we all agree on, since there's more room. I go to get a snack from the machine and he follows me (apparently, not knowing where the lobby is), okay, no big deal. If he wants to mill about, whatever.


I firmly go 'NO', like I'm scolding a dog and he stops.

We go out to the lobby and play Fluxx. I desperately message Tony, who wasn't online, to inform him of what we're suffering through (excuse my fucked up spelling, I was hastily typing away on my phone):

Because possums play dead and foxes are slutty
This is like real life taps
This is every stereotype
I'm speechles
I don't even experience this level of fur faggotry at Anthrocon
He just keeps rambling things off like they'll make him sound interesting
Ryan showed up and the kid yowled at him in greeting
I had the war creeper and he busted out singing war, what is it good for
I cannot make this shit up


So I'm just going to run down the key points:

  • talked about sex and fetishes almost non-stop

  • talked about how 'only the good bands get incestuous fanfics written about them'

  • talked about incest, bandom incest, Supernatural incest

  • talked about ~yiffy~ fanfic he read with Red XIII in it

  • talked about seeing a 'hot anthro pic' and literally murring about it

  • talked about how 'WEREWOLF SEX IS HOT'


  • literally YOWLED at Ryan when he showed up

  • rolled around on the couch purring and yowling like a cat in heat

  • talked about his radioactive japanese catgirl from Hiroshima

  • talked about wanting to play 'Strip Fluxx' (hint: I was the only female present)

  • talked about how female hyenas have penises

  • literally grabbed my crow necklace and asked IS THAT A BIRD FOSSIL

  • when i told him what my ~fursona~ was, he replied with: 'YOU MUST BE A HIT WITH THE NYMPHOMANIACS'



  • loudly sung the chorus to 'War, What is it Good For' when the 'war' card for Fluxx ended up on the table

I know this isn't even everything, but jesus christ it was awkward and weird and uncomfortable. I'm not usually made uncomfortable by things or people like this, neither are most of the folks present. But this was just UGH and GROSS. No one wants to hear about your fetishes or your sex fanfics or anything like that YOU JUST MET US WHY WOULD YOU THINK THESE ARE OKAY CONVERSATION SUBJECTS. It was just a constant stream of creepy furfag commentary and internet ramblings. There were no real introductions, aside from names, no 'hey, what are you majoring in?' or 'are you a student, or just a local?' kind of small talk. Just straight into 'that's what she said jokes' and talking about murry purry furfag shit.

When I came home, I promptly removed him from the group. I don't even feel a little bit bad about it. Neither does anyone else.
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Maribel Teaberry, the rabbit, who is a character in one of my NaNoWriMo novels. She was human, but was cursed to change into something as the seasons changed. She ended up a rabbit. Tegan Deerfield, my new-ish deer girl, is the main character in the same story.

Sitara is Tony's and is a demon.
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 I woke up this morning with the great and intense urge to cry myself back to sleep. No real reason, nothing had upset me, just stupid hormones making me do stupid shit that does make any sense.

Thankfully, I didn't decide to curl back up in the blankets and cry. Tony had an appointment at his therapists and I ended up complaining about everything I came across instead, which made me less sad and more aggravated with people who are out in the afternoon. There were two  people in the waiting room who didn't know what inside voices were and they both sounded like they'd been smoking since conception. There was a lesbian couple who sat turned in the chairs, looking longingly into each others' eyes, talking about their future and kissing. I don't give a shit what your sexual orientation is, but that's uncomfortable for everyone present. I don't want to see heterosexual people looking longing at each other and pecking each other on the lips in public, I don't want to see homosexual people doing it either. It's great that you're in love, but this has reached a level of awkward I don't like.

I did manage to get a little writing done for NaNo on my tablet, however. I probably would have done more, but the virtual keyboard is a pain in the ass and I kept hitting the 'home' button and having to pull the office app back up. But I'll write more of it tonight, it's a start, at least. I'm about 4,600 words behind, which isn't all that bad.

Then, Walmart. Which was just Walmart in terms of midday aggravation.

Now, I am home and feeling a bit better. I have to venture down into the frigid kitchen to make dinner soon, but it'll warm up soon enough and Deancat always like to keep me company when I'm cooking.

Payday is Friday, though most of it is going to pay part rent. That's okay. Money hasn't been as bad as it was last year, but it's still disconcerting to get a paycheck and have it all gone the same day. But I'll be back at the bookstore next month (if I'm lucky, after Thanksgiving break) and that'll mean a paycheck every week, then financial aid for the Spring semester. 

We're thinking of going to see The Man with the Iron Fists on Monday.I kind of wanted to see Wreck-It Ralph, but I think everyone I know has already seen it! I hardly go to the movies anymore, half because there's little I want to see and half because going to the movies alone is kind of lame. I saw The Hunger Games alone, but that's only because I missed catching it with friends by, like, one showing. I do kind of miss how Tony and I (and Rob) used to go see movies all the time at the theater. 
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I really hate the time leading up to my period. It is, quite possibly, the worst. I can deal with the bleeding and the cramps and feeling gross, no problem. But I absolutely loathe having to deal with the mood swings and being all off-kilter with my personality and my emotions. It's very distressing, even if I'm aware my period is coming and even if I'm aware of the changes. I don't feel in control of myself or my emotions and I don't like that one bit. It's the reason I don't get drunk (one time was more than enough - drunk people are embarrassing to begin with and I was no exception) and the reason I don't like being around people who are like that - not in control of themselves. It makes me uncomfortable and I'm sure people are uncomfortable around me when I'm not acting myself.

On top of that, my brain spends all its time focusing on the negative about everything. About my friends, my family, myself. Regardless of if these negatives exist (and some do, everyone has negatives), it makes me feel like shit (therefore compounding the issue of feeling like crap in the first place) for thinking them at all.

Basically, all I want to do when I'm having a bad period is just curl up in a ball and sleep until its over.  

Instead, I've been trying to focus my energy on other things. I watched a few more episodes of Doctor Who last night, before our Netflix subscription went up (curse payday being only a few days after the subscription date!). I'm still on Nine and I only just finished Dalek. I have to admit, on first impressions (of actually seeing a Dalek in context of the show - not just in context of merchandise or fandom), the Daleks really....aren't that scary. I'm thinking the Daleks, for me, are a bit like how the Aliens movies were for me scary and/or important to a certain generation of people (those who grew up watching them), but not so much to me (or, probably, to a lot of kids watching the series now who grew up on the horror and sci-fi movies of the 90s and 00s). 

Regardless, I'm sad Nine only has one short series, because I do really like Christopher Eccleston. I'm still not sure where I stand with Rose, however. Fandom seems to be really split on whether they like her or not and, obviously, I'm not making rash judgements on how fandom feels about anything (because who does that--oh, right, fandom itself). So far, however, I don't mind her. She's spunky.

P.S. Bless you, Dreamwidth, for having a tag manager where I can actually REMOVE TAGS.
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I've known I had to write this essay for almost three weeks now. It's not a terribly complex assignment. It's a scene analysis from The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters, which we read for my College Writing II class. I picked out a scene, I did (most) of my brainstorming questions, but I'm staring at an open and empty word document which not a single fuck to give about it.

I can pick apart a five second scene from a television show or a book or something and dissect it down to tiny pieces, but I just don't feel like doing it with this. The book wasn't bad, necessarily, but it was a bit dry and I was glad to finish it. It wasn't particularly scary, despite being a ghost story, and was more than a little boring.

I also haven't written anything for NaNo in the last two days. Mostly because I've been feeling like crap and it's not really a valid excuse for not writing, but that's what it is.
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 Two months between entries makes me have to go back through things and see what I've done to talk about. I'm constantly forgetting stuff, despite things happening. It's ridiculous.

Obama came to campus back in September and, while Tony and I weren't able to get tickets, it was pretty cool that it happened. Also, glad the election is finally over and I don't have to deal with hearing about it and being bombarded with election coverage and campaign commercials. I'm not a political person, so presidential election season is always tiresome for me, especially living in a college town and working on campus.

I dyed my hair purple/black. It'd starting to fade to a blue color, so I'll have to do something with it again soon. I think I'm going to go back to brown for a short while, maybe until spring, then I'll do something colorful with it again.

(also, new Supernatural shirt!)

Classes have been going well. I've been keeping up pretty well with my homework and stuff, though tonight I have to do my Excel Exam for my COMT class and, tomorrow, I have to bust ass and write a scene analysis essay for my writing class. I doubt it's going to be too difficult, but it's due on Tuesday and I've just been procrastinating on it.

Work has been work, easy but a little boring. But I've been meeting new people and I do like that.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year and I've been keeping up really well with the wordcount! I'm actually doing two stories, just to give myself the option of switching between two different genres. I've been updating pretty much daily over on my NaNo tumblr: lacearoundthewound

I haven't been drawing at all. I keep wanting to, but then I tell myself I should be writing instead. That's okay, though, I'll get back to it sooner or later. I do have a Weasyl, however! I donated to the Kickstarter (or whatever it was) and got an invite to the beta. I really like it so far, so much cleaner and nice than FA.

Tony's birthday was subdued, we really didn't have much money to do anything and, for awhile, it was cold and miserable and bleh. Halloween made up for it a bit, though, we went downtown and Tony wore his tauntaun fursuit. We met up with Jeff, from the Kent Area Furs list and wandered around downtown looking for Squeeji and Elliott and Angie who ended up being in the one place we hadn't gone: Euro Gyro. But it was a good time regardless, we had some drinks and they both got their pictures taken by lots of the Asian students.

And now, a picspam of Instagram pictures:


So, overall, things have been pretty good. Money's been tight, but it always is around this time of year. I'm hoping to hear from the bookstore soon and, when I start back there, I'll have a paycheck every week (since the bookstore paydays and the campus paydays are opposite each other), which will be pretty awesome. I'd like to actually be able to buy Christmas gifts this year, y'know?  
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where to find me
This is your basic 'how to find Ally' sticky post. While it's true I'm unhappy with the direction LiveJournal is heading in, I'm not abandoning my place here altogether. Yes, I will be posting on Dreamwidth now, but I will be crossposting from there to here and comments will be open on both locations. I encourage folks to friend me over on Dreamwidth, however!

I'm, honestly, most active on tumblr and Facebook. The former comes with the warning that I reblog A LOT of fandom stuff - particularly Supernatural. Like. A lot. You think you know how much I'm talking about, but you would be wrong. Facebook is for general, quick updates and first world problem bitching. If I know who you are, I'll probably friend you. If I can figure out who you are from your friends and how you might know me, I'll probably friend you. If not, think about messaging me there first.

Most of my other haunts haven't changed. I'm still on DeviantART and FurAffinity, but I'm also on Weasyl now, as well. It's really not hard to find me online and it never has been~
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