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It's been exactly one year since I posted last and the only reason I'm doing so now is to state:

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Yesterday we marched in the Pride parade in Cleveland with the leather group we're a part of. It was really, really hot and the parade goes from downtown near Tower City to Voinovich Park by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's about a mile. A mile is not that far at all. A mile is extremely far in a staggered parade (we line up on a four lane street and then each lane goes one at a time to make the whole parade) in 90F weather in downtown Cleveland with no shade. Thankfully, that was probably the worst part of the day. I did manage to acquire sunscreen (because i was like herp derp i'll wear a tank top because it won't be too long and it's only a mile and i didn't think to consider zero shade and the super hot weather), so I only got burnt the places I forgot to put sunscreen, like around my neck and the collar of my shirt. Way to go, me. I think there might be a little on the back of my arms, too, but it's not awful.

Tony carried the transgender flag for our group, naturally, and I helped carry the fuckall huge leather flag.

Despite the heat and the sun and the lack of shade, the parade was really nice and it was really great to see Angel Action blocking the usual handful of protesters that always show up.

At the park, we hung out for about an hour and I got custard because that's the kind of thing you should eat on a ninety-something degree day. After a round or two around the park, we met back up with folks and let them know we were out for the afternoon, heading to the zoo, and we'd see them at the bar that evening.


After Pride, we HEADED to the zoo, but first we stopped at the West Side Market, because it's on the way and, of course, we love the market. We were super said to find out that J&J Meats isn't making the chicken jerky EVER AGAIN. It was a sad moment. But we bought some of their regular jerky and the guy who helped me last time recognized me, so that was nice!

I also stopped at Cake Royale for, of course, macarons and freaking Bailey's irish cream cannoli. The had Nutella macarons and they were delicious.

After grabbing noms, we went over to Horizontal Books which, if you've never been, is amazing. They discount stuff according to how many items you purchase (50% off one, 60% off two, 70% off three). We ended up buying...

Dragon's Luck by Robert Asprin
Socks Appeal: 16 Fun & Funky Friends Sewn from Socks by Brenna Maloney
How to Save Your Tail*: *if you are a rat nabbed by cats who really like stories about magic spoons, wolves with snout-warts, big, hairy chimney trolls...and cookies, too. by Mary Hanson
Bad Girls: Sirens, Jezebels, Murderesses, Thieves & Other Female Villains by Jane Yolen and Heidi E. Y. Stemple
The Year of the Beasts by Cecil Castellucci and Nate Powell
Repossessed by A. M. Jenkins

...as well as a Winter Soldier trade, some glow in the dark scratch paper, and a Scythian metalworking kit.


And we actually got to spend time walking around and doing stuff, cause we got there around 3PM, I think, maybe 2PM. But the zoo is open until 7PM in the summer, so we could check out all the exhibits and take our time. We haven't been to the zoo in, literally, years, so it was nice to do that. Other times, as well, we were always in a hurry to see things and then go somewhere else, but since we didn't have to be at the bar until 8PM or 9PM, it was nice to be able to take our time.

I took a lot of pics which I will stuff behind a cut...

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After the zoo, we still had an hour to blow and were hungry, so we decided to hit up the asian markets and drive by Koko Bakery and see if maybe possibly they were open (the last time i knew, they closed at 7pm). Much to our delight, Koko's was still open and we bought a whole bunch of buns and tasty things (like castella cake with lemon in it!) and sat and got off our feet for a little while before stopping over at Park to Shop and then heading out to the bar.

The bar was mostly uneventful aside from the presence of Douchebag Who Isn't Allowed To Talk To Tony (which was the only negative) and Tony winning a t-shirt (which, of course, was a positive!). We hung around and helped sell raffle tickets and socialized before heading out early around midnight and making the long drive home to Kent.

It was a long, long day, but it wasn't nearly as grueling as I anticipated it to be, and that was nice.

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A lot of stuff has happened since I last updated around Christmas and a lot needs to go behind a cut just because it's more fetish-y sort of chatter that I'm a bit more careful with, essentially. But I guess I'll get around to working backwards and posting about that stuff, or I'll do a bullet list or something like that.

As for recent things, which are more relevant...

I got a promotion at the library. I mean, it doesn't really feel like a promotion, but I'm a student supervisor now and that comes with a solid twenty hours per week and a pay raise from $9.00/hr to $10.25/hr. Most of it's stuff I already know or have kind of quasi been doing already, but I'm also getting cross trained for circulation (i'm stacks, which means we deal primarily with re-shelving books and doing shifting and shelf reading projects. but i'm also basement currently, which means i actually deal with microfilm/fiche/cards and the pre-1900 project) and also trained to open/close the building on some shifts. I've been navigating the student employee/student supervisor environment for awhile, since I'm good friends with the basement supervisor and on pretty good terms with the other supervisors. There's a ridiculous lack of communication in some places and it's already frustrating to know about (even though i've known about it forever). There's a little of petty politics, but whatever. All that shit rolls off of me anyhow.

The local library is also hiring for a part time position doing most of what I'm doing at the campus library now and I'm thinking of applying there, as well. It's something like 12-24 hours a week, which I don't think would kill me? I was doing 28 hours a week last semester between my two jobs.

Speaking of the other campus job, at the VCD resource room, I emailed the professor who's in charge of all that stuff at the encouragement of the VCD secretaries (who love tony and i) after I suggested it would be really good for the RR to have someone permanent/steady over there that knows all the ins and outs of the RR. Last year, especially, there was a huge lack of training for both students (so so so many kids got thrown in with absolutely zero training because the new managers - grad students who run the room each year - didn't bother to have a meeting or interview people or train anyone because printing is super easy right??? even though some kids had never touched a mac in their lives) and for the new managers (who also got no training). I ended up picking up a lot of slack off the clock just to make sure that the new student employees knew what they were doing and didn't fuck anything up. There was still a lot of drama with communication and a stricter punishment system that the new managers put into place, not to mention the ridiculous micromanaging one of the managers did in the photo studio before she left for Texas.

But, as I was saying, I contacted the professor that runs the RR and PS and suggested the idea and offered myself as the person best suited for the job (not even tooting my own horn, i really am, since i've been there the longest and i like the job and i'm willing to learn new things and help out students with adobe programs). I haven't heard anything back, I dunno if I will. I don't know if I'll be able to do both jobs next semester, since we're restricted to 28 hours a week as student employees. If VCD put me on contract/hired me into the university, that'd be different, but I don't realistically foresee that happening. I'd like it to, but I know department budgets are tight and all that.

On top of those campus-related things, I'm going to get hit with a 'time percent complete' violation after this semester because I'm at 97 hours attempted/60-some hours completed and I haven't completed a degree program (let alone my fine arts major because i can't afford on campus classes and paying my rent). I'm slightly worried, but I'll figure something out. Worst case, I guess I could just declare liberal arts and complete that and then declare fine arts as a second major and do that?? I dunno.

This weekend is going to be pretty busy, same with the next week and, of course, Anthrocon is on the July 4th weekend. This week, however, is Pride in Cleveland and Tony has to be there and be in the parade and we're marching with the group we're involved with. We'd really rather stay home, but Tony has obligations, so we're going to make the best of it. It's going to be an exceptionally long day around a lot of people and I think that's mostly what we're both dreading. But we're going to break off and go to the zoo or something in the afternoon and maybe go to the West Side Market before going to the bar in the evening. It also kind of sucks because we usually do our tests for class on Saturday, but we have to squeeze them in Friday, since we won't be able to do them by their due time at midnight on Saturday.

Tomorrow (or, well, today, since it's three in the morning already), I'm going to see Iron & Wine at the Kent Stage!! I'm pretty stoked because I was super sad about not being able to go see them when they came to Cleveland a few years back and, after we saw Bastille last month (oh yeah we saw bastille and it was pretty awesome), I checked up on concerts in the upcoming months (we usually check way ahead of time when we have a little money and buy tickets if there's anything we want to see) and saw that Iron & Wine was actually going to be in Kent and it was the best thing ever.

The only downside is that, when I come home, I have to bust ass and get stuff gathered for Pride on Saturday and we have to get up early-ish to go up to campus to get our rental Zipcar from, ugh, all the way over by Eastway because they changed our car reservation from the one we like to take to a hybrid we've never used before. The one we usually take is right up by c-midway, so we can just catch the bus to there and then walk to the car that's parked behind c-midway. Now we have to walk all the way over to Eastway to get the car AND we'll have to walk all the way across campus at 4AM when we return the car after coming home.

Sunday and Monday I have off, so there's a little bit of downtime. But it's also the week before Anthrocon and we're still a little mad about the car still being out of commission (we've had two friends look at it and tell us they could fix it, but nothing's come of it and the most recent one wouldn't be so annoying if said friend would just tell us what's up or if it can't be done until after the convention that would be totally okay just uuuugh communication people). But we have two different offers for rides to and from the con, so there's that, at least. It's annoying to be without the car for a trip, but we don't exactly drive in Pittsburgh while we're there anyhow and we still have our solo room anyhow.

I have a handful of things to put in the art show since I'm not doing Artist's Alley this year for a number of reasons, mostly because I've stopped doing commissions and I don't feel like 'working' on my vacation. I'm still trying to finish some stuff up and put some things together, but it's a slow process, since I've been busy with work and my period last week was pretty rough (i slept a lot and wanted to cry a lot and was in a really shitty mood and was crampier than usual it was just gross overall and i didn't want to do anything). I also have to do the whole house cleaning thing before being gone for four days and make sure the animals all have everything they need and it's just a whole fucking lot of stuff to squeeze inbetween work and much needed downtime to detox in general (not that my job is very hard or anything, but i like to load around for awhile after i get home from work).

I got a haircut the other day and I'm still getting used to it. My hair had gotten super long, it was down to the middle of my back. I'd been letting it grow out because I was letting my side shave grow out and it had been winter, so it wasn't terribly hot and blah blah thought I'd try long-long hair again. But then the weather got hot and I couldn't pull it up without half of it still resting on my neck so I decided to chop most of it off again.

It's layered around the back, but with a razor cut. I wish I'd be more adamant about wanting a chunky cut over just a razor cut, but I dunno. I always think it'll look the same, I guess?? It'll grow out decently, though. The only downside, and this is caused mostly by my sideshave, is that there's some hair in the front that's shorter than the rest, but it just kind of hangs around limply. If I trim it shorter it's probably going to look weird and I can't pull off bangs very well. My hair just refuses to go forward, I guess? I dunno, I'd like cute swoop bangs to hide my giant forehead, but they never seem to stick.

But now it's shorter and it's cute when I pull it into a ponytail and my sideshave is almost long enough to pull back with the rest of my hair instead of sticking out and looking weird.

And now it's 3:30AM and I should be asleep because I have work tomorrow and a long day of stuff.
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Jesus christ, Christmas? Really?? I keep meaning to and I just keep posting short shit in other places because I'm lazy at hell.

I'm going to try again and I'm going to try to start posting more regularly.
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I'm doing a lot of cleaning up clutter on my journals and other social-based places. I went through and removed a number of people who hadn't updated their journals in many, many, many weeks from my friends list (no offense intended, of course!). I know some people still read journal posts, but don't actually post anymore themselves (like i often do), so if you're in that category and I've removed you, but you still want to see all my posts and stuff, just leave a comment and let me know!
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Christmas was nice. I went over my mom's, as I usually do. Of course, this time it was at 6AM and I got roped into helping prep and cook food for dinner, which lasted nearly all day. But I didn't mind too much, I like helping out in the kitchen anyhow. We made tons of food, too, two turkeys and ham and lots of sides and snacks and desserts. It was a pretty big throwdown, but there were also eight or so people there. I ended up taking a lot of food home because of how much there was.

When I came home, Tony and I laid around and ate and watched a two hour Rammstein concert on youtube.

This last weekend was crazy.

Since the car is still out of commission and we wanted to go to an event in Cleveland, we asked if we could crash with some friends attending/hosting the same event. We took the bus up Friday evening and that went over well. Got pizza, watched Thor, chilled out and then went to the bar to socialize and get out of the house. Saturday we went to the event at the same bar and had a really good time, met new people, talked with others, it was really nice. I was glad we got to go because Tony was really looking forward to it.

I have lots of pictures from Saturday night buuuuuuuuut....you'll have to ask for my Fetlife. :V

Sunday, we got dropped off at Tower City to catch the bus back home, but had enough time to pop down to Koko Bakery and get some delicious baked goods before making it back to the bus stop and...waiting. And waiting. And where the fuck is the bus. Called PARTA and discovered...the Sunday Cleveland Express does not run over the break. There was nothing that stated this on either the schedule (which i had a pdf of) or the website itself. The guy on the phone was really sympathetic and, apparently, we were not the first people with this issue. Thankfully, it wasn't too much of an issue, as we just called up the friends we were staying with before and crashed for another night. Ended up ordering delicious chinese food and loafing around for the night until Monday when we got dropped back off at Tower City and caught the bus back home on time.

Being gone from home for longer than expected makes me antsy because I worry about the animals, but everything at home was fine (squeeji peeked in the windows to make sure everything looked okay while we were out, as well) and the cats were happy to have us home because, god forbid, they could see the bottom of their food dishes.

Last night, we went to hang out with friends for a New Year's Eve party. Said friends recently moved within a couple blocks of us, so it's a lot easier to get there and back, even if it was cold out! The usual party shenanigans were in order, naturally.

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Six months between posts. I am a terrible blogger. It's not even that I didn't want to, either. I kept meaning to and going 'hey i should write about this', but then I never did. Distracted or otherwise caught up with something else.

I'm on the rag, so I should really just wait and write a new entry until I'm feel less like a sad sack of shit, but I figure I'll cover a few things now, like art and little updates, and try to keep my bad mood out of it.

I stopped taking commissions at the beginning of October, which is really one of the best decisions I've made. My art productivity has been through the roof since then and now that I don't feel guilty for doing personal work instead of working on commissions, I'm just doing a lot more stuff and learning a lot more overall. It feels really good, to say the least. I update my artblog often and with stuff I don't post on FA/DA/wherever: http://obliviousally.tumblr.com Lots of sketches and doodles, works in progress, and random stuff, mostly.

Some little portraits I drew right after posting about not taking anymore commissions. They're just little 500x500 headshot/icons things. One of Ally, one for a local furry chick, and one of Phe.

Lots and lots of art! You have no idea how good this makes me feel. I'm pretty sure I've drawn more in the last three months than I did in all of 2012.

Some adoptables I drew while FA was down. They're still up for grabs (i need to edit the descriptions).

Aaaaand, also, some art I've gotten in the last couple months. Most were requests/gifts, but some were small paid commissions from over the summer. Only one is missing from here, because it's adult: horrible kaiju/Jaeger pilot porn.

This school semester was pretty rough.

Tony and I both had some kind of bronchitis starting in August and running almost halfway through September. It was awful. I was running a fever so high one night that our hairless cat (whose body temperature is always about three or four degrees higher than a human's) felt lukewarm to me and I thought HE was sick. It was awful. Coughing so hard you'd throw up, being too sick to get up and do anything, just laying in bed for days on end. Awful.

Then, my mom had a massive heart attack at the beginning of September. She woke up in the middle of the night, told Bud she was having a heart attack, drove herself to the hospital, and walked in to inform them of what was happening and immediately went into cardiac arrest. They had to go CPR for almost forty-five minutes and they shocked her with the paddles about ten times (she has scars from them now). She was life flighted to Cleveland Metro and was in critical condition for forty-eight hours. It was pretty hectic. I'd woken up that morning with a message on Facebook from Bud saying that she was in the hospital and she'd had a heart attack, but I'd passed it off since I wasn't awake yet and, to be honest, my mom's been in and out of the hospital a lot the last couple years (she's had two minor strokes, among a plethora of other things), so I figured it wasn't anything serious until I called him a few hours later and he was almost crying on the phone.

I ended up taking the bus up to Cleveland, which was a fun adventure, but it was also less stress/less money on gas, since I figured I'd be stuck staying up there for the night anyhow. The evening wasn't terribly stressful, as there was nothing that could be done but wait for her condition to get in the clear. The next morning was stressful because Lynn, Bud's mom, was freaking out about leaving her at the hospital because Bud had to go back to Warren and take care of things and Lynn herself needed to go home and I needed to go home and go to work. Full blown meltdown when she saw a bird in the lobby. I was not aware, beforehand, that birds in the house/a building are a bad omen/mean people dying. Which, of course, is ridiculous when it comes to a hospital because there's people dying there every day. So I was thankful when I got home and didn't have to deal with her in context of the hospital anymore.

I love Lynn, but I cannot deal with that level of freak-out when it comes to these kinds of situations. I just don't over-react. The whole time I was calm and collected and I think the nurses liked dealing with my inquiries about things more than Bud, who thought he knew everything that was going on and was doubly frustrating when we were asking the social worker what steps we needed to take so my mom could get her medication and aftercare paid for. Bud thought the social worker would be able to magically wave a wand and fix shit, but I knew otherwise and, as next of kin, I had the say anyhow.

The next of kin thing was scary for a bit there, too. Because my mom has explicitly stated to me on numerous occasions that she does not want to be a vegetable and if I needed to, I could tell the doctors to pull the plug. I never felt like that was a thing that was going to happen, but it was still there in the back of my mind.

After she started coming to, it was a weird couple of days as the medication wore off. They had her on something that gave her temporary amnesia so she would be hazy each time she woke up (on top of that, she was also restrained to the bed and had all sorts of stuff down her throat and stuff). So when she started coming back around and they started easing her off the medication, she was confused about what year it was and who all was still alive. Bud freaked out and thought that her asking about her brother and mother and the kids was her losing fifteen years and I had to explain to him that it was the medication and she didn't lose fifteen years and just calm your tits, christ. But when he called and said that, I was legitimately scared for a moment, because that's what started happening to my grandmother before she went crazy and I just can't cope with that level of disconnect.

Once she was back to normal, things were better for the most part. They had to focus on clearing out some blood clots and she was back in the hospital a few weeks later due to that, but it wasn't too bad overall. The biggest surprise that came out of the whole thing was that my youngest sister, Adri, went up to see her at the hospital. We haven't actually seen the kids in person in about ten or fifteen years, my mom probably longer than that, but my mom's been in contact with Adri for the last couple years and they've actually been catching up because she's willing to give my mom a second chance. Their grandmother really fucked them up with the mental manipulation, so one out of three ain't bad.

But all of that mess kept me really distracted from work and school for about two solid months, then I had to play catchup and I passed one of my classes, but I completely bombed out of the other one, so I have to do an appeal again and hope they're not tired of seeing my name.

Blah blah, tired of writing right now. Typical. I need to sort through my brain and my Facebook and pull out any other relevant events in the last six months.
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Way too long since my last post. I kept meaning to write something, but then I'd get distracted by other things and never get around to it.

Spring semester is over. C in my Media, Power, and Culture class, Incomplete in my Literature class - which means I need to get cracking on what I need to finish for it now. But, honestly, I just took a much needed break after busting my ass for two weeks and then freaking out about declaring my major and getting my work study money sorted out so I could actually, you know, work. I missed out on a couple days because of that and, while I tried to do open/close for two days at the library, it just didn't quite happen. Then I was all gross and crampy last week, so I took two days off to lay around the house and feel like crap in the comfort of my own home. Now I'm back on track (aside from the loss of a day of work on Memorial Day, when the library was closed, but I can make that up here and there through the rest of the week).

I need to do the satisifactory progress appeal song and dance again, which shouldn't be too much of an issue, since I'm working with my instructor in regards to that Incomplete grade and I have a laundy list of reasons why I struggled so badly last semester. So once that's taken care of, hopefully everything will be in order for financial aid and starting classes in June.

Also, hoping everything works out well so I can pay all my goddamn bills and finally catch up on rent oh my god. Once I take care of that, as long as I'm doing my 28/hrs a week at work, I should be able to manage keeping on top of rent and stuff.

At the beginning of the month, I told off a guy for exposing himself on the bus:
Okay, here's the story about an exposed penis on the bus.

I'm on the Interurban bus, sitting all the way in the back by the window because I'm going all the way out to Downtown Ravenna and it reduces my chance of someone sitting directly next to me. I get on in Downtown Kent. At the stop by Starbucks, an older man (probably fifties or sixties - thin, grey hair, glasses, has a reuseable bag full of whatever). He doesn't have his change out, but the bus pulls off to C-Midway anyhow because, I guess, the driver assumes he'll have it out by then.

While he's digging his fare out, I squint because it looks like he's wearing this super tight shorts and, for a brief moment, I'm wondering if he's not just wearing boxers. But he's not sitting near me (he's by the rear door), so I don't bother myself with it.

At C-Midway a metric fuckton of people get on the bus. Dude moves to the back of the bus, to the parallel seats that face each other. The bus is very crowded at this point, so I squeeze myself into my corner and play solitaire until they all pile out between Campus Pointe and the few stops before Walmart.

After the bus empties a bit, going counter-clockwise from myself: there's a guy sitting a seat over from me, one guy in the opposite corner from me, weird old dude, a Muslim girl and an Asian girl sitting directly in front of me and across from weird dude.

At some point, I glance over. At some point, I squint because it looks like those are actually just plain ol' boxer shorts. At some point I realize he's wearing absolutely nothing under said boxer shorts and, welp, there's someone's dick. Right there. The boxers are hiding nothing, the leg holes are wide, and there's a breeze in the bus from the open windows so HOW DO YOU NOT NOTICE IT.

I make eye contact with the Asian girl in front of me, neither of us says anything. I pull my legs out from behind the seats in front of me, reach out with a foot, shove his knee and I go, "Dude, close your legs, no one wants to see your dick." No one says a word, which I'm fine with, because I didn't want to disturb the front of the bus, I just wanted this dude to stop exposing himself to the two girls in front of me who probably weren't going to say anything.

Guy looks spooked, doesn't say anything, spends the rest of the trip making a half-assed effort of trying to keep his legs closed - which he's not good at at all - while I stare him down (full eye contact, I don't think he knew how to deal with that) the entire time until I get off the bus. He spent the entire time trying to keep himself covered by adjusting his boxers, but it was pretty much futile.

I think the only saving grace was that he didn't have an erection. Which is a pretty sad upside, if you think about it. Who seriously thinks its a good idea to go out of the house IN ONLY BOXERS. DO YOU NOT SEE THE PROBLEM WITH THIS?

Copy/paste from Facebook because that's easier than re-writing it. It was ridiculous and sad.

I've been cleaning the fuck out of the house. The only rooms that need a hardcore clean at this point are the bedroom, my office, and the kitchen. The two former are really just cluttered with clothes and stuff, nothing special. My office seems especially bad because it's so small. The kitchen is mostly just dishes, which I still loathe and I should probably do some of tonight because our water may be off tomorrow. They wouldn't give me an extension until Friday, which I think is ridiculous, and I can't seem to get anyone interested in commissions to get the cash together so I can pay it in the morning.

Friend Kelson stopped by last week, which was awesome because we never ever get to see him since he's either busy or living down in Columbus now! He hung out for a few hours before departing into the night.

Last weekend we went to a bonfire at a friend's place and it was really nice! I saved a mama wolf spider and I acquired a deer skull. We also played a bunch of Just Dance and a card game called Pit. It was a good time and, while we were waffling on going at first, I'm glad we did.

I haven't been drawing a whole lot in the last two weeks, but I signed up for ArtSlam, which I'm looking forward to! I think it'll be a fun challenge.

Last week, I went for a walk downtown to the river and took some photos because it was a super nice day and the river was low enough that I could walk around in it.

And now, the remaining instagram spam:

And, finally, I made Tony give me a side shave/undercut the other night.

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Things I want to do this summer:

  • picnics!

  • go to the ledges - nelson ledges and/or kendall park

  • heck, go to kendall park and the cuyahoga valley nat. forest

  • train rides at peninsula!

  • great lakes medieval faire!!

  • swimming, maybe?

  • bjd zoo meet? might happen in june

  • more bonfires

  • more random shenanigans

Yesterday was really crazy, but in a good way!

In the morning, Tony and I got up to go down to the open farmer's market a block away from us. There wasn't much, since it was the first outdoor weekend they've had, but we bought some kale for Jackie, our uyromastyx, and we ran into Lysa! Then, we walked up to Gaming Grounds (which is run by Noir, who we know from Warren years ago) to see if he had any swag for Free Comic Book Day. We got little Iron Man Heroclix and talked about maybe running tabletop games and stuff like that. Tony hadn't been up there before (I'd been there once prior), either.

After, we came home and I went up to work. I thought I was going to be working from 3-9 (instead of my usual 3-6), but there was a miscommunication with picking up someone's shift and another kid came in to cover the shift I was going to take after mine. I didn't mind too much, because that meant I could go downtown and catch up with Tony and Jevin at BW3. We hadn't seen much of him all semester - due to conflicting schedules and stuff - and he wanted to hang out a bit before summer break, because he's going out of state to see his partner. So we hung out for a little bit, then he dropped us off up at campus and we met up with some of the local furries that we actually enjoy the company of (Bass, Malik, Willow, Jeff, Savanna, and Malik's girlfriend, who we hadn't met prior, but was pretty cool!). We ended up going out to Jeff's place in Streetsboro and having a bonfire and generally hanging out and bullshitting until about midnight.

(they had a really cute cat with a nub tail at Jeff's place)

It was just really nice to do something completely spontaneous and have an enjoyable day spent with friends after stressing over money and stuff. I mean, money troubles are still there, but I feel a lot better about them now, I guess? My mind's in a better place than it was two days ago, at least. Shit will work out, it always does.

Other than the money issues, I've been feeling good otherwise about a lot of things.

I've been drawing a lot more, taking my tablet to work a lot to just sketch on the larger monitors at work, and spend time doodling when I'm stuck inn the photo studio with nothing else to do. I'm feeling a lot better about my art, taking more time to tweak things and make them look better instead of sort of half-assing it or not paying attention to what I'm doing. Faces are looking better, less weaboo. Eyes are looking nicer and less anime. I still need to work on things like hands, of course, and feet. But loose gesture sketches are coming out faster and nicer and I like that.

I've been working on a set of digital pieces for Anthrocon - the main six characters from the new My Little Pony show. As much as I loathe the fandom and the bronies, I do love dumb, colorful designs. I'm basing most of the designs I'm drawing off the Equestria Girls spinoff they're going to do, which a lot of people don't like?? I like the basics of them, so whatever.

I've only inked Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie so far. All six are sketched, though the three I did after the ones above are kind of half-assed, so I'll have to clean them up and make them nicer. I'll probably make mini prints of them (4x6 or 5x7) to sell, and then maybe make some larger prints and paint some colorful frames and put them in the art show if I'm able to.

I might also one or two personal (my own character) pieces in the art show, if I can hash something out this week and maybe use the printer at work. We'll see. I really don't know what sort of merch to take/make to AC because I don't want to be stuck doing commissions all weekend. I've still got two months, though, so I'm sure I'll figure something out.

I'm also thinking about trying to do basic reference sheets for my main characters that I use/draw frequently (Phe, Gwen, Max, Tegan, Poe, Sahariel, etc.). Probably just a ref for their markings and body shape without clothes (because none of them have the same body shape - Gwen is pear-shaped with big hips, Poe is slender but busty, Phe is somewhat athletic, Tegan is thin and doesn't have a lot in the way of hips and boobs, etc.), and then what they normally wear - something to show the style of clothing they dress in.

I'll probably use stock photos for them - cause I want the pose to reflect their personality/character a bit, and it's a bit faster to sketch over stock photos and keep everyone looking similar-ish when it comes to the style anyhow. I've only started on Phe so far, however.

And, for good measure, two other little doodles from recently:

Alexis and Phoenix Shepard - my Mass Effect Shepard who's based on Phe, which is kind of self-explainatory by the name! I'm pretty proud of her face. I need to go back in and do some tweaking and fix her ear, but she's coming together pretty well so far!
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ENG-25005-600-201310: LITERATURE IN THE US II
  • Reading Response #3

  • Essay #1

  • Reading Response #4

  • Criticism and Context Report #3

  • Extra Credit

JMC-20001-200-201310: MEDIA, POWER AND CULTURE
  • Journal 02 - Media Effects and Research

  • Journal 08 - Radio

  • Journal 09 - Television

  • Journal 11 - Electronic Journalism

  • Journal 12 - Public Relations

  • Journal 13 - Advertising

  • Session 08 Quiz (Radio)

  • Media Literacy Assignment 3

  • Media Literacy Assignment 4

  • Media Literacy Assignment 5

  • Media Literacy Assignment 6

  • Extra Credit

My Media stuff isn't that difficult, it's just a pain in the butt. I have to watch a news program for one of those journals and I just keep procrastinating on the extra credit, which i'll probably do this week. My Lit stuff is...I'm going to have to bust ass on it. Probably a lot of staying at the library late this week.

Our internet is off at the house. Didn't have the $75 to pay it, so. Might not get turned back on until later this month. My paycheck is only going to be a little over $200 on Friday and I have to figure out how I'm going to pay on the electric ($88) and give something towards rent (which I'm a month and a hald behind on). I can only hope that, on the 2nd, we hear something good about Tony's tax refund because that shit is getting ridiculous.

But I start back at the bookstore on Friday. I need to find out if the resource room an the photo studio are going to be open during finals week AND I need to get up with an advisor so I can pick out my summer classes. Ugh. I'd been trying to schedule online, but it kept telling me there were no appointments available. The only walk-in day they have is o n Wednesday and I'm usually never up here then. I probably will be this week, so I'll have to pop in. Pain in the ass.

But past financial woes and school being stressful, things have been pretty good otherwise. On Saturday, the local NEO Furs group had a meetup, as someone's mother is a professional photographer and offered to get pics of all the fursuiters and stuff. It was pretty fun and it was cool to meet new people aside from those we already know.

I also took my BJD, Desma, down to take some photos of her. Despite the fact she hasn't been painted/blushed yet, it was nice to get something other than just photos of her in my office.

I've also been meaning to post about it, but I got a new tablet! Bob bought me a 10x6 Monoprice for my birthday back at the beginning of the month and wow is it nice wow.

It's seriously larger than my laptop. But the side buttons are nice and the shortcuts at the top are super nice, too, and can be re-configured, which is awesome! I've had some fiddly driver issues, but it hasn't been a huge deal overall.

In other news, I went to the ER on Friday because I started developing a toothache and there was no way I was going to put up with that kind of pain. So I ended up spending my last $15 on antibiotics and painkillers. I can't say it was a bad decision.
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Here comes more bitching/whining/angsting. I swear I'll post something that's not that after this.

I officially need to BUST ASS on my classwork if I don't want to get an Incomplete and have to finish up my work over the summer. As it stands right now, these are the things I have to do (which is partially for my own reference, so I don't have to flip flop between each course on Blackboard) that's OVERDUE in the next...what, three weeks? Two weeks? I don't even know.

ENG-25005-600-201310: LITERATURE IN THE US II
  • Reading Response #3

  • Essay #1

  • Reading Response #4

  • Criticism and Context Report #3

  • Extra Credit

The RRs and C&Cs are pretty short, I just have to read the material for them and then force them out. The Essay, I have most of my material for it, I just never got around to putting it together. I think the Extra Credit is just a RR, really. The instructor isn't docking points for anything being late - even if it was something that was due at the beginning of the semester. He realized he kind of overloaded us, so he's just working with us so we can get our material done and get a good grade out of the class. I don't know yet if we're going to have a Final Exam essay, but I'm thinking we may not. Which is good.

JMC-20001-200-201310: MEDIA, POWER AND CULTURE
  • Journal 02 - Media Effects and Research

  • Journal 08 - Radio

  • Journal 09 - Television

  • Journal 11 - Electronic Journalism

  • Session 08 Quiz (Radio)

  • Media Literacy Assignment 3

  • Media Literacy Assignment 4

  • Media Literacy Assignment 5

  • Extra Credit

This looks like a lot, but it's really been me procrastinating because this teacher doesn't seem to be docking points for later assignments, either. The Journals are 400 word minimum over the subject we studied that week. The Media Literacy assignments are 150 word disccusion board posts over a question relating to that specific week's material. That weird, errant quiz was a fuckup with Blackboard and I have to re-take it (despite taking it already) because there's no way to prove my grade. The Extra Credit is a 100pt research project we can participate in.

I need to take a night where the library is open 24/7 and stay there until I get all the little things done so I don't have any distractions. For some reason, being somewhere that isn't my office or at home, I feel more motivated or in the right mindset to work on classwork. Hunkering down at the library in the middle of the night is good for that.

I'm probably going to try to power through the Media Literacy assignments while I'm at work, since they're the shortest/smallest things on the list. Hopefully I can use this list as a reference and strike things out as I finish them.
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Today was unbelieveably frustrating. It felt like literally one thing after another was purposely fucking up when it came to getting anything done.

The plan was: Bookstore > Financial Aid > Catch Bus to Target Plaza > Errands > Grab Bus Back > Work at 3PM

This didn't happen. At all.

I had to go up to the bookstore to fill out my tax forms (a ten minute ordeal - tops) around noon, so I planned on catching the bus at 12:03PM and I'd probably get to the bookstore around 12:20PM or so, after catching the on-campus bus (I also have to wait about 8-10 minutes from the time listed on the schedule, because that's when it leaves Indian Valley, not when it stops by my house). Well, that was a cute idea, but the bus that was supposed to be there didn't get there until 12:30PM. Fabulous. Then. I had to wait at least eight minutes for a Campus Loop to come around and, by the time I got up to the student center, it was almost 1PM and my manager had already left to take his lunch (which is fine, of course). He had waited about ten minutes after 12:30PM for me, which I appreciated, but I just left him a note that I'd come in at the beginning of the week on my day off.

So then we had twenty minutes or so to waste until the bus out to Target would be at C-Midway. We hung around the student center for about ten minutes, then went to catch the bust up to front campus. We ended up taking one of the Loop Rd. buses (which are stupid as fucking shit I hate them so goddamn much) and it took way longer than the Campus Loop buses take to get to front campus and, as you can imagine, our bus had already been there and gone.

At that point, we said fuck it to saving money and avoiding driving and decided to go home and take the car. We were trying to avoid having to put gas in, since we were on empty, and save money by taking the buses. But, apparently, the universe did not want us to do that.

While sitting on the bus back home, I realized that I was supposed to work at the Photo Studio at NOON. At some point during the last two weeks when a co-worked asked me to switch shifts, my brain morphed the shift into 3-6 from 12-3. So I managed to totally bail on my shift, lose out on three hours of work (which would have been two more than I normally get), and probably make myself look like a major flake.

After getting home and getting gas, the whole day tipped into the absurd when we took the back way down Franklin Ave. and...got held up by a train.

Then, cue frustrations about getting the animals litter and food. Finnick has to have a non-grain food because otherwise he breaks out in scabs and stuff and I had bought him a small bag of Taste of the Wild and he was doing great on it - almost all his scabs cleared up (he still has access to the regular food, because I don't put it up, but he doesn't eat it often because he lets us know when he'd like fed), but in the last week, he ran out, so his scabs were already popping back up. Which meant I had to buy him some new food but, of course, anything non-grain is expensive. I got a medium bag of Before Grain, since it was on clearance at the pet store, but it was still $20 despite this. Hopefully, though, it'll last him awhile.

After errands, I'm left with $125. I can choose to:
-- pay on rent, which i'm a month and a half behind on (this month + some of march)
-- pay my electric - $88 - which i have to pay because i'm on pipp and if i don't pay, they'll shut my service off
-- pay my water, which i haven't recieved a shut off notice for yet, but i'm sure i will soon

I probably wouldn't be half as frustrated if I could get some commissions to help offset this, at least. But even when I drop my prices down to $5 for sketches, I get nothing. And I'm sitting behind my computer going ????? WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT and it's so frustrating. I have no idea what else to offer that's in my ability that people will buy. Maybe I'll make a graphic to post what I'm offering or something, so there's something more visual, I don't know.

The IRS STILL hasn't sent out Tony's tax refund. We don't think it's going to get here until May, which is so goddamn frustrating I could cry (and I have, to be honest). That grand would be so helpful, even if just to catch up on rent and I can deal with everything else. Just something to get us over this hump.

The money situation will likely be better next month, because I'll have the remainder of the semester paychecks, plus bookstore money, plus more hours at the library after the semester ends. But that doesn't change the frustration and helplessness I'm feeling now, unfortunately.
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I turned 30 yesterday.

It's uncomfortable I wasn't comfortable at 27, either. I remember having a really hard time when I turned 27 and I couldn't place why. I still can't place why. I can't place why I'm uncomfortable turning 30, either. Is it because it took so long to get me where I am now? Because everything always says you should do college at 18 and you should have a career and a house and a life at 25 and when you hit 30 you should feel fulfilled and happy and successful?

I mean, I obviously know this is bullshit, but there's something that just feels weird about it.

Is it because my mentality is stuck somewhere between a giggling fangirl and an adult that doesn't have time for bullshit? Is it because I tout the concept of 'you're only as old as you feel' and I don't feel old AT ALL but the number betray that and sometimes I feel really awkward trying to make friends with people at school because they're a decade younger than me. I know that's ridiculous, since I have friends of all ages already and everyone matures differently and all that shit.

And 30 isn't old. 30 is, maybe one third of your life. That's not much at all.

Like I said, it's hard to put into words. It's just a subtle discomfort on some weird existential level. I felt it at 19. I felt it at 27. I feel it now at 30. It'll pass and I'll probably go back to forgetting my age and telling people I'm 'twenty-something' when they ask anyhow.

But enough about my weird existential crisis.

Yesterday was nice! We didn't do anything special or anything, but Tony and I went to the movies with some local furries and it was pretty great! We went to see Jurassic Park 3D, which still looks amazing twenty years later. We had a lot of fun chatting and we're hoping to do movie nights more often. Hell, I'll go see bad movies for cheap if we can all laugh about them afterwards.

But it's nice to be meeting new people and making new friends. Especially for Tony. He was really proud of himself yesterday because he handled his anxiety so well and, like he mentioned later, it's nice to be around people who don't look at you weird when you tell them you have social anxiety or agoraphobia or are transgender or whatever.

Then, I found Kahlua custard at Acme and yes.

Also, Bob bought me a Monoprice tablet after - out of nowhere - asking what I'd like of my Amazon wishlist (which was a clusterfuck at the time). He mentioned having a Bamboo if I would like a new tablet, but it was the same size as my decade old Graphire. So I suggested the Monoprice tablet because it's inexpensive and, well, there you go. It's was supposed to be here today, but unless it's coming by something other than USPS, it'll probably be here tomorrow, as there was no package on the porch. But I'm looking forward to it! It's 6x10, which is about double the size of my Graphire and has shortcuts on the tablet and everything.

Unrelated to my birthday and sundry, I'll be back at the Bookstore at the end of the month. Hopefully I can transition my hours smoothly, since I'll be done at VCD after finals week, I think, and then I'll just have to figure out my summer library hours.
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I've been bad about updating! Which totally defeats the inital purpose of, you know, using my journal again.

I'm sitting at work in the MACC Annex, listening to the wrestlers (I think) in the next room over have practice or something. They're making a lot of noise, is all I know, and I'm trying to counter it with music, since there's no one in the Photo Studio right now.

My laptop is back in working condition! My power cord eventually went completely kaput and I snagged another one for, like, $10 on Amazon. Looks like that was the problem, which is nice. I mean, I still can't use my laptop without the cord, because my battery is shot, but that doesn't bother me. I also reformatted it and it runs a bit better. But it's also something like three years old, so it's to be expected that it's lagging behind a little. I don't know if I want to buy more RAM for it, or just buy a new laptop. I'm so attached to my stupid sticker-covered laptop, though.

I was sick over the tail end of spring break last week. A head cold was going around work at the library and I'd avoided it until the weekend or so when kicked my ass. I was congested and couldn't breath or swallow well and all I did was sleep. I couldn't keep myself awake and I was just constantly tired. There's a little of it lingering still, but it's nice to feel human again. Especially because the weather's finally warmed up significantly and I've been wanting to spend time both outside and cleaning the house.

We're planning on pulling almost everything out of Tony's craft room downstairs and organizing things to be easily find-able and accessible. I wish I had the extra money to get some nice organization things, but I don't right now. The biggest issue is finding the best way to store all the bolts and yards of fur he has so they don't get dirty and the cats don't lay on them and them still be easy to pull out and use and put away. But we'll see what we can do. Worst case scenario, we buy some more of the plastic shelving things we're using for fur now.

I just want to get all the mess/clutter organized and cleaned up. I want to put away fall/winter things and pull out spring/summer stuff. I'd like for everything to be nice and neat and easy to find, really. I want the living room to be nice and neat because sometimes I'd like to spend time downstairs or have a second television where we can play games or invite people over to hang out with. Our main TV is in the bedroom and it's always a clusterfuck (mostly clutter, let's be honest here) and small and not exactly condusive to having people over or anything.

I'm also thinking about pulling everything out from my office and re-organizing it. But everything's so precariously placed in there right now that it might not be worth the trouble?? i have two desks and my desktop comp in there and I'd like for my one window to be fully accessible (there's a desk in front of it right now and I can open/close it, but maybe I'd just like to, I don't know, toss the papasan cushion down in front of it and nap in the sun or something?

I don't know, a lot of brainstorming needs to happen before I do anything with that. I can spill some of my stuff out into the landing (like my bookcase, for example), because there's plenty of room out there and I'm probably going to put the cat's stupid cardboard house into the extra bedroom - which is basically their room anyhow.

I also need to plant my veggies and stuff! I don't want to procrastinate on it forever this year because I'd really like to get a harvest out of them.

I've been trying to draw a bit more (and get some commissions to help with rent/whatever).

Two requests I did and one commission and a gift for a patient commissioner~

I've also been working on my dolls! Well, mostly on Poe. I want to blush Desma's body with pastel, but it's not working really well, so I'm putting her on the backburner for now. In the meantime, Poe's been progressing nicely.

I've been writing a lot about my progress and such over on my doll blog, so I won't rehash it all here. I need to pick up some better acrylic paints, but so far she's coming along well. I haven't done the markings on her body yet, though.

And now, some Instagram spam~

I also made a seperate flickr account for all my book cover photos, as well: raggedpages

So a bit back, we switched Finnick over to some Taste of the Wild cat food, because he'd been breaking out in scabs and we couldn't figure out why. It wasn't hurting him, they were just a bit itchy and never seemed to go away, even with baths and such. We thought he was allergic to the flea meds, but then we thought it might be a food allergy.

Which is pretty much exactly what it is.

Since we've switched him over to a higher quality food, his scabs are almost completely gone and no more have broken out at all. He's probably allergic to something stupid, like corn or whatever they use to fluff out the standard cat foods. He doesn't eat the other food at all anymore, but we have to feed him by himself because I can't afford to switch them all over to the more expensive food. But at least he's smart enough to come and let us know when he's hungry.

The other cats are doing well, which I'm thankful for. They're all stoked about the warmer weather, too. The other animals are good, too. I have to pick up some more food for the ratties and clean out their cages (and pair them up, which I've been procrastinating on) this week.

I'm sure there's things I've missed that I'll remember right after posting and go 'why didn't I write about that??'.

See, I knew I'd forget something!

I'm going to be making a Commander Shepard cosplay for Anthrocon (yeah, I know, that doesn't make a lot of sense) because Tony is going to try to do a Geth or a Turian and I just want an excuse to wear awesome armor, dye my hair red, and yell at people.

I'm pretty happy that I found great pattern templates for the armor, too. Now it's just a matter of figuring out how much EVA foam I'll need and then, you know, actually piece things together. I don't think it'll be too difficult, just time (and money) consuming. Especially since I'll need to get a decent undersuit to wear and, likely some kind of compression/spanx thing so I don't look like a fatty. I mean, I have a spanx thing, but it's prone to rolling up. I might buy one of the bodysuit-ish ones, with the shorts or whatever that's all one piece.

But hopefully we can also cobble together what we need for whatever Tony decides to do. The biggest obstacle for him will be a mask, I think. Or, if he does a turian, that damn collar thing.
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I feel weirdly adrift today. I'm waiting for my period to start (it's two days late) and I'm getting pissed off at it while trying not to get pissed off at everything else and write long, rambling rants about them. Because I have a lot of things that have been irking me lately that I don't want to vent about while my hormones are all crazy because I know I blow things out of proportion. Instead, I just bitch to Tony about them.

But I swear to god if I start this afternoon, I'm going to be pissed.

My laptop is kind of MIA at the moment, which is really lame. A year or two back, the battery started going on it - not holding a charge. That was okay, because I could still use it on the power cord and I just took that wherever I took the laptop. Now, the power cord isn't working anymore and when I took it to work the other week, it took forever for me to power up the computer because it simply refused. Same thing happened when I got home and Tony's letting me use his old laptop (it needed reformatted and stuff anyhow - we might use it to host videos and stuff). Now my laptop won't power on at all, even after fiddling with the battery and the power cord. I think I'll have to buy a new one of both, but with all my tax money spent on bills and rent and other things, it'll probably have to wait until we get our Summer money. Or, a decent paycheck. One of the two.

I'm still struggling with classwork. I'm caught up in my Media class, thank god, but I'm still dragging behind in my Lit class. I need to take tonight and tomorrow to just buckle down and stop getting distracted by shit so I can read what I need to and do these couple 2-3 page papers. Just get it the fuck done because the rough drafts for our essays are due on the 8th and jesus christ both these classes are boring. At least in the Media class, I know what I'm rambling about because I've taken two other classes that were on the same subject. When it comes to English classes, though, if it's not something I'm interested in or something I can easily bullshit, my brain nopes right on out of there.

The only good thing that ever comes out of my avoidance of classwork is that I focus that energy onto other things I enjoy. So I'm sort of drawing again. Honestly, it's half school avoidance and half because I saw the designs for the Equestria Girls show and, as much as I loathe everything about the new MLP stuff, I think the designs are cute and they fit my style well. I figure I can draw them and maybe make money at Anthrocon with them this year. I have no desire to watch the new show (just like I have no desire to watch FiM), but I'm hoping the dolls they put out will be similar in size to my Freya's and I can get some cute clothes.

Also, yeah, I totally know I could've come up with anthro or human pony designs before, but I'm also fuckall lazy. So go figure.

In other news, I got my other Freya yesterday! I have to re-string her to put the normal feet on her, so I might hold off on that. I re-strung Desma last week and she's not as tight as she probably should be. It's harder than I thought to do! I am happy that she's more of a creamy white than a stark white, though.

Oh! I finished reading The Night Circus the other day! I really enjoyed it, though the climax with the challenge was a little weak, I loved basically everything else about the book. I'm also reading At the Mouth of the River of Bees, which is a short story collection. I'm not awfully far into it, just reading bit here and there when the mood strikes me, but I'm also enjoying it a lot. I posted the first story in the book, 26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss on my tumblr because I liked it so much.

And, on a final note, in the realm of things I'm both Not Ready For and Don't Want To Do: I just got an email about how I'm at 45 credit hours and campus policy is that you have to declare a major by the the time you reach 45 hours.

I don't fucking know what I want to do. This is too much adult for me.
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Instagram annoyances, because I'm feeling catty this morning.

  • People who tag photos with #instagay, #gayboi, #kentgay, etc. No one care that you're gay and I'm pretty sure intagram is a terrible way to try and pick up dudes. You also don't need to tag these things on EVERY. PHOTO. IN. YOUR. GALLERY. It's bad enough on your selfies.

  • People whose galleries are ONLY of self portraits. Do you have anything else going on in your life? Or does the world revolve around you?

  • Gratitious tags. If you've already stated your little sister won first place in a competition, you don't need to tag it #firstplace ir #littlesis. Also, #girl, #boy, #hot, #swag, #shirt, #love, #cute, etc. are all equally redundant. Long tags are dumb, too. This isn't tumblr.

  • Bar 145, you're not #noisyneighbors if you're in a metro area where few people actually have their residence, nor are you #noisyneighbors when you're a bar that's open after other businesses have closed.

  • People who have PARAGRAPHS of tags. You're not going to get your photos noticed any quicker like that.

  • Duckface. From anyone. I hate you.

And, sure, my tags might look stupid on first glance before knowing I use them to tag on the sites my Instagram is linked to and, sure, a lot of other people's tags might be for that same purpose. But still, it's unlikely in my book. I'm also sure people on the #kenstate tag sit back and bitch when I spam my book covers, but I don't really care. Just like those people I'm bitching about don't really care. Likewise with my #instagram tag, which tags my posts as such on tumblr so people can ts them. Personal annoyances~

Okay, in things that aren't bitching, which really isn't a great way to kick of an entry, but I swear I'm not all cranky and moody, haha.

Been playing catchup with classwork. Out English teacher gace us all a week to catch up with what's been going on there (which I flaked on all week - go figure - I'm going to have fun cramming three papers into one evening tomorrow). I think I'm caught up on my Media work, except for this week's stuff, but we always do that on the weekend when it's due anyhow.

I reformatted Tony's old laptop to use for myself temporarily. Either my power cord or my battery is on the fritz. Well, actually, I know my battery is going, but recently when I've unplugged and taken my laptop somewhere, plugged it back in, it doesn't want to charge. It'll run on what power is left in the battery, then shut down and turn off. I can try removing the battery and running off just the power cord, but it won't do that. I have to do a song and dance that has absolutely no rhyme or reason to it before the computer will suddenly decide to power back on.

So I need to figure out what that's about.

After I'm done with Tony's old comp, it's probably just going to be used as a place to store movies/videos and stuff.

On Wednesday, we went to see Howie Day at Musica in Akron. Tony wanted to go, so he had picked up tickets a bit back when they went on sale. It was quite nice! He played a lot of songs we know and Tony's pretty much convinced he played Bunnies for him after he shouted it out amongst the sea of voices yelling for Africa.

I only got one good photo, sadly.

Afterwards, we went to Mr. Zub's (which is amazing if you've never been there - all their sandwhiches are based on characters from movies). We try to have something different each time we go (though I often fall back on The Ren McCormack - chicken shawarma) and my post-errand and concert fatigue was craving something ridiculous, so I tried The Duke (roast beef with onion rings, jalapenos, bacon, cheddar cheese, and bbq sauce). I though it was going to be wayy too much of everything, but all the portions within the sandwhich were perfect. The jalapenos were insanely fresh, the BBQ sauce wasn't too sweet, the roast beef was tender and tasty.

Tony got an Ernie McCracken (pastrami, salami, swiss - bit provolone in place of swiss and on a wrap instead of a bagel) and we split it (he got half of my sandwich) and I said eating it was like a religious experience. Their pastrami is so freaking good.

Then we went home and promptly crashed for ten hours. It was a good day.

Tony's stupid Garrus love pillow came today and it's horrible and awful and ew how could anyone like that at all gross.

I'm fully expecting it to be lovingly laid on my side of the bed when I get home from work.


I'm waiting on my white Hujoo Freya that my mom's getting me as an early birthday gift!

Now I'm going to actually have to learn how to do faceups properly (I practiced a little on Desma - the grey Freya I have), because I have a long way to go. But I have all the supplies I need now, so it's just a matter of teaching myself and practicing a whole lot. I also got a pair of Hujoo high heel feet because I want Poe to be able to wear boots and cute shoes. They're the normal flesh color, but it won't be an issue since she'll have stockings or shoes on anyhow.

The white one is going to be Poe and she's going to be just as difficult to paint at Desma is. Because Desma is actually supposed to be black, so I'll have to tweak her design a little so I don't have to completely re-color the Freya body, and she's also supposed to look malnourished and such. Good times. And Poe, well, it's obvious to see the issues with Poe, but I think I'll just have to take her markings on layer at a time and teach my hand not to shake so damn much.

I also have a doll blog for all my ramblings, so I don't spam them on my main tumblr or here: http://ivegotabrandnewkey.tumblr.com/ I'll probably post nice stuff here, when it happens, though. Like it I ever succeed in a faceup...

Now, here's some photo spam in two parts:

[ more at my flickr ]

So the drama tale of Creeper Cat is continuing. A few weeks ago, some folks from the Kent Area Furs list did a little meetup downtown for fursuiting and stuff. I wasn't able to go, but Squeeji went and returned with the verification that Creeper Cat has not changed at all. While there, apparently he:

  • Jumped on her while she was in fursuit. She responded by elbowing him in the stomach.

  • Talked about porn slash fiction from children's shows such as Bear in the Big Blue House and the like.

  • Yowled loudly at people on the streets.

We're having a small art jam/social meetup tonight at Tree City. He's showing up. We've been, on Facebook, trying to press the issue that there's going to be no stupid murry purry bullshit without actually naming him as the issue. I posted a comment that all but calls ( Also, Tree City is a pretty low-key, quiet sort of establishment. Which means no yowling like cats, talking about things you shouldn't be discussing in polite conversation (incest, fetishes, slash fiction, the like...), and no jumping/pouncing/glomping/touching people without their permission. I feel like these things shouldn't have to be stated, but they do. So don't do this crap and act like a normal person.) him out by name, but I know we're STILL going to have issues and after today, NOPE. Not putting up with it at all and he will not be welcome at any meetup things we put together.

Okay, aside from that and to wrap things up, one more thing!

I didn't complete LetterMo, but that's okay. I sent out replies and I still have some to send. I'll probably keep sending out letters to people as I work through my address list and when I have a little time to spare to write letters. I got some lovely letters and it's really such a fun thing to do anyhow~

I had a lot of fun making cute envelopes and decorating them, as well as putting little photos into each of the letters and stuff~
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I've been bad about updating! Whoops!

Stuff going on, though. The Spring semester has started and I've been having trouble focusing on my classwork. Lots to do, despite only having two classes. Trying to manage my time a little better, as well, as that's a big part of the problem. We have lots of videos to watch for one class and lots of reading material in the other. Finding time for both AND work, life, home, has been hard.

We were without water for a few days there, a pipe burst in the basement and the plumber just decided to take his good old time getting here. It's fixed now, so that's good.

It was also 60F about two days ago! Now, it's 16F and feels like -1F. Lame. I can't wait for spring. But it's on the horizon. It looks like 30's and 40's will be the norm pretty soon here, which I'm thankful for.

We reserved our room for Anthrocon this year! On the ball with that, considering reservations opened at 11AM today and our second choice hotel sold out within the hour (our first choice was told out within the first minute, sadly). But we're staying in the Westin, which will be pretty nice. We haven't stayed there in a few years (we've stayed in every hotel so far except the newly added Hampton and Marriot City Center) and it'll be really nice not to have to drag my art stuff down the sidewalks and walk back and forth to the Omni like I did for the last two years. I love, love, love the Omni, however, but it's a trek for myself, who does Artist's Alley, and the boy, who fursuits.

This year, we're not planning on rooming with anyone. I worry this might end up being something that upsets people, but it's something Tony and I have wanted to do for a long time and something we can afford to do in the summer. Plus, we plan on doing sightseeing stuff, as well. We're staying from the 4th to the 6th, checking out on Sunday morning. We don't know what we'll be doing on Sunday, wether we're going to hang out at the convention center or go do something else, like take a trip to the zoo or something. Not sure yet. It's still six months away anyhow, which is forever.

When my tax money hits, we'll pre-register, then I can sign up for the Artist's Alley lottery and actually be able to plan my weekend around that instead of hoping I can get into the AA and wasting my time waiting to find out.

So, I'm looking forward to it and seeing friends, even if it is lol dumb furry convention.

I received my Hujoo Freya about a week ago! I love her a whole lot wow.

Her name is Desma and she doesn't have a lot of clothes yet. I bought stuff to do her faceup, but I still need to buy a respirator. Until I do, she's just nude-faced. She's a perfect size, though, and I worry about the size of the 5StarDoll Tumnus I want is going to be a lot bigger (he's 63cm and she's only 23cm, big difference!). I don't know if I'm ready for that kind of commitment! But a girl I work with, Smote, is thinking about holding a Kent BJD Meetup in the spring, so I guess I can get a better visual for the size of a larger doll then!

I've been spamming photos of her on my main blog and on my sideblog that I'll probably use for doll ramblings.

I recently bought a SMASH Book, which is basically like a scrapbook, but with no rules. Not that scrapbooks have rules, but they tend to be a bit more planned when doing pages and stuff. SMASH Books are kind of like a journal you carry and you shove ticket stubs and interesting things into. They come with a pen that has a glue stick on one end, so you can basically use it anywhere. It's really pretty fun and I like it a lot. I've seen a lot of people take it on vacation and put all sorts of neat things in it. I've been filling it up so far with pictures of friends and convention keycards and photos of the cats. There's also differently themed books and lots of neat accessories. I've been making my own stuff, too, little pockets and things like that.

I'm also doing A Month of Letters this year! I heard about it a week or so ago from a friend on Facebook and I thought it was a great idea. All you do is send out 23 letters (that's the month of February minus holidays and Sundays) to anyone. Friends, family, strangers. I joined up on the LetterMo forums and exchanged my address with other people because I wanted to write to strangers and send out cute little photos and stuff.

If you'd like me to write you, add your address to my Postable! I'm going to put my first two letters in the mailbox tonight (since my mailman comes before I get up)!

All I want to do is read blurbs and send people letters or little trinkets based off the stuff they write about themselves.

You can also keep track of what you've mailed and if you sent something internationally or sent a package and there's cute achievements/challenges you can do for fun.

Now, I'm going to take a hot bath and wash my hair. Then, try to do my Media, Power, and Culture homework tonight so that I can focus on my English work tomorrow and Sunday.
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[ junkyspot.com hujoo freya ]

Over the last couple months, I've been researching and reading up on ball joint dolls (BJDs) because I really want to purchase Tumnus from 5StarDoll and make my angel character, Sahariel. It's a lot to spend on a doll, admittedly, so I'd been procrastinating and just taking my time learning about modding dolls and doing faceups and all that jazz.

Well, near the end of last year, I was looking at anthro dolls and came across Hujoo's Freya. At only $50, she was remarkable inexpensive for a BJD (her being vinyl instead of resin probably has something to do with that, as well). I was going to purchase both colors (originally dark grey and white) at the beginning of the year, when I got my refund money, but they sold out.

I assumed I wouldn't get the chance to get one, let alone two, because I figured they wouldn't be doing any more orders. I forgot about it and went about my business.

Yesterday night, Tony sent me a link for a review of the doll, asking me if that was the one I'd wanted a few months ago. I told him it was, and then he asked me what color eyes I wanted with her and what color I wanted and lskdhgfslkgdhsf she shipped today and I can't want to get her.

He bought me the light gray one (which is pictured above) and, I was going to do Poe (since Tony suggested it'd be easier to add the white in her markings instead of coloring over all the white with her other colors), so I had him get silver/gray eyes for her. Well, now my mom said she's going to try to get the white one for me for my birthday.

Originally, I'd intended to get the black one and make Des (or, Desma, as I've been calling her lately) and the white one would be Poe (since she has white markings). So I don't know if I should just play around with the black one until I'm sure I'll have the white one in my hands and can buy the parts I need (Des has green eyes, for example).

ldkfhglkdhgd tough decisions.

It's also been tough to find wigs I like. Especially for Poe. Des would look fine with a fur wig, but I don't think Poe would at all. And, oh gosh, clothing is so expensive. I might have to learn to set tiny doll clothes or something if I can't find other clothing to fit them. I guess some Bratz clothes will fit them (they're 24cm/9.5in tall). Maybe I'll just have to experiment.

Aaah, but I can't wait for her to get here and play around with her!!

For the fiance for Valentine's, I got him this stupid space locust that's his ~space boyfriend~.

[ Moe Moe Garrus Chan Body Pillow Cover ]

I'm going to glare at it profusely when it arrives.
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Since Monday, I've been sick. Tony and I caught that mutant flu that's going around and we've bascially been bedridden for the last couple of days. Tony moreso, as he was also ill over the weekend. Tuesday was the worst, though. We both had the chills and horrible coughs that made us throw up. We just stayed in bed all day and seemed to sleep in three to four hour increments. It felt like the longest day ever. Wednesday wasn't much better, either. I'm feeling marginally better today, but I decided to stay home from work because I still can't be upright for too long without getting dizzy and lightheaded and I'm still coughing awfully bad. I don't want to pass this on to anyone else and we've just been staying inside since we got sick. Angie brought us flu meds Tuesday night, which was great, as well. We had NyQuil, but it was barely putting a dent in anything.

I ventured out across the street yesterday to get a mailer so I could return a rental book to Amazon. I just hope it being postmarked on the due date isn't going to cause an issue... But that's the most productive I've been. I'vebeen trying to get some things done that don't require manual effot today, but that's proving to be difficult. I upped the phone with minutes, but now I can't seem to find where I put it so that I can charge it. I wanted to call the landlord once my voice comes back (hopefully tomorrow) and let him know that I have all that we owe, plus this month and next month for rent. I don't want him to think we've been avoiding him, because I did let him know we'd have the money about now.

I have to stop at the Financial Aid office tomorrow (hopefully) and see why the rest of my Pell Grant didn't disburse. I should still be getting another $649, I just don't think it re-calculated after I dropped down to three credit hours and then we back up to six right before the beginning of the month. It's probably just something that needs to be pushed through manually, which is no big deal, but I know I should be getting the rest of that, because I have for the last couple semesters.

I don't know what my schedule is for VCD next week, when the semester stars. I wish I did because I can be working at the bookstore if the resource room isn't going to be open yet. I'll probably also wait to schedule my library hours for a week or two, so I'm not bombarded with three jobs and my work study money will last until the end of the semester.

Apparently, I'm able to file taxes this early, but I can't because I haven't gotten my W2 or my 1098 forms from school and the bookstore. Sigh. But at least I've got everything set up to just punch in the numbers and send it off once I receive them.

Other than being sickly and gross, things have been alright around the house. I didn't work over the break, which wasn't too bad because it was nice to have the laze around time. But I will be happy to be back to work and keping myself busy again. I'm also really happy at the unseasonably warm weather we're having and I hope this cold is finally coming to an end so I can enjoy it a little but (even though I'll be working all day).

We acquired two new ratties, adopted from Kieran, who I work at the library with. Two pretty girls named Frankie (champagne) and Teddy (agouti). They're so very sweet and curious. Teddy has a bit of labored breathing, so we're going to try treating them with tetracycline in their water to see if it helps, otherwise Kieran said they'd pay for a vet visit for her (they were going to take the girls before we took them, but things didn't line up). I'll probably offer to go halfsies on the bill, really. But I doubt it's going to be anything more than a perscription of baytril.

Classes ended well. I got an A and an A-, which was pretty awesome. For the spring semester, I'm taking 'Media, Power, and Culture' and 'Literature in the United States II'. I figure, if I do declare VCD, I'll need the former anyhow. I'm hoping, come summer, I can take an on campus class or two. I just wish the syllabi were up so I could start mapping out my calendar.

At the New Year, I silently decided I'd start drawing a bit more and decided to start using stock photos and stuff for refs, so I could do loose sketches and all. I've always found sketching over poses helps me understand where things lay better and, with many stock photographers, they allow you to use their poses for free range drawing reference - meaning that, if you do something you're really proud of, you can see prints and such with only credit (since it's not commercial printing, essentially). I was doing good, until the cold came around. Maybe I'll try to catch up, maybe I'll just start where I left off. Who knows.

[ Max in N7 Armor, Sitara wearing on of Wess' shirts, Magdalena, and Wesson/Sitara ]

[ flats on the Wesson/Sitara sketch. she be ded. ]

[ connecting art card commission ]

Other miscellaney...

Holy cow, the new Pokemon starters for X and Y are pretty cute. I'm really in love with the Fennekin, though, but that's to be expected because I love the fire starters.

Also wow gosh announcements of a baby for Jensen and Danneel and then Supernatural winning best Sci-Fi/Fantasy AND best fanbase at the People's Choice Awards? Pretty cool, that. Not that I'm a huge fan of babies, because I don't want any of my own and they make me awkward to be around, I've still loved seeing every update and picture about Jared and Genevieve's baby, Thomas. I think I just love seeing how enamored they are with their kid and how happy he makes them. It's really cute.

But, I mean, look at these beautiful motherfuckers.

[ images from here ]

Okay, I think I have officially reached the sick rambling point and I'm feeling dizzy and lightheaded again, so I will just...wrap this up here.
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Internet is off at the house, it was a bill I couldn't afford to put money on, unfortunately. No open wifi nearby, either! Which is always still a shock to me, considering it's a college town. There's usually SOME kind of open wireless nearby. Wouldn't suck as much if it didn't get cut off RIGHT BEFORE THE HOLIDAY when I have, like, four days off in a row and all. I'll still have to trek up to campus to do my classwork, or maybe down to Tree City or the library on Friday, I guess.

I'm kind of pissed because I got an email from my computer instructor that I only did half my assignment last week, because I guess I misread what needed to be done, and now my perfect 100% in the class is knocked down because I got a 50/100 on last week's assignment, which is basically an F. I don't know if I should do a song and dance and see if he'll let me turn in the rest of the assignment or what. I'm so mad about my 100% being fucked that I don't even want to bother with it, but if I do ask, there's at least a slim chance I could have that grade back again.

Another thing i'm slightly worried about is that we have group projects going on in writing right now and I hope we don't have any chatroom meetings about it. 

I don't know, I'm ready for the semester to be over. Not because my classes have been difficult, not at all. But the sooner the semester is over, the sooner our financial aid refunds come and the sooner I can pay up all my bills at once. It's almost more frustrating to be having a paycheck, but still not have enough to pay everything that needs to be payed. Hopefully, though, Tony can get in somewhere on campus with his work study in the spring and then we'll BOTH have paychecks coming in AND almost all of our bills paid up ahead of time. Here's hoping, at least.

I'm at the laundromat right now, because I was down to the bottom of my undies drawer and all that's there is ill-fitting underwear and thongs. Neither of which I'm a fan of, especially when I'm on my period. But I like doing laundry, actually. I like doing laundry more with someone else (see: Angie), but it's not so bad. I get to people watch, I get to dick around on the internet a bit, and I get clean, warm clothes to take home.

I've been trying to get some commissions. Nothing bit, just art cards and shit. I've mostly just been wanting to doodle, but I don't feel like doing requests or trades right now. It seems like, no matter where I post commission offers, no one's interested. But my output hasn't been great lately and I do still have one outstanding commission. The pattern work on the dress of the character is stumping me, I don't know if I should break down and try to make a brush/pattern, or if I should try to draw it by hand. I just don't want to fuck it up, really. I feel like a butts, but I don't want to do a half-assed job, is all.

I'm way behind on NaNo, around 10k words. I guess I could use this time to work on it, but I dunno. It seems like when I don't have the interbutts, all my motivation is gone. All I want to do is lay around and complain. It's pretty stupid. I'll get around to kicking myself in the ass, though, I always do. Chances are, I'll probably also end up cleaning the house or something, as well, which isn't a bad thing because I have to cook for Thanksgiving and the kitchen is a NIGHTMARE.


I'm a little grumpy at friends, but it's likely because I'm on the rag and moody and stupid. At least, that's what I'm going to tell myself because I hate being mad at people I like and I hate making assumptions and I hate thinking negatively of people. But at the same time, I wonder if maybe I am in the right thinking the way I do sometimes and I'm just pushing that all aside because I want everyone to be one big, stupid, happy family. I know it's not going to happen, but it's what I want.

I guess I could spend all this newfound free time watching all the old movies I've downloaded. Lots of fantasy stuff I've been wanting to re-watch.

I'm just full of the grumps today over stupid little things and I yelled at Tony this afternoon because I was in the midst of yelling about other things and I still feel bad about it.
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